Friday, April 23, 2010

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 3)

As you may be able to guess from the speed of updates, I'm seriously hyped up for this story. Just a few things to clarify before we move on:

a) This is only going to be a 5-parter. Because anything beyond that SUCKS.
b) It won't end as a dream.
c) It won't end as someone's imagination.
d) It won't end as a movie or drama being acted out.
e) It won't end with them being a part of some dubious 'scientific experiment'.
f) The murderer will not be some alien / monster / evil spirit that hunts school kids BECAUSE IT CAN.
g) Brilliant idea, but I, the writer, am not the murderer. That's too twisted even for Twisted Tales standards.
h) And for the last time, there will be no magically-appearing Agongs.

Okay, cool? Glad to get that off my chest.

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 3)

"Sh-she's dead." Kim hugged Nora, sobbing uncontrollably.

An air of disbelief lingered as they gathered around Vivian's body. A steady stream of blood trickled from the side of her head where the bullet entered. Frozen in eternity, her face betrayed a total oblivion to the fact that she was no longer alive. One would almost expect her to get up, walk out of the door and go home with her Mom.

Grimly Philip turned them away from the scene. "Guys," he spoke, almost choking on tears. "Did anyone see where the shot came from?"

Most of them shook their heads in between weeps.

" was too dark. And the gun was silenced." Boon grimaced. "Could have come from anywhere."

"This proves just one thing. Someone here has a gun."

The sobs died down momentarily. Everyone shot uneasy glances at each other.

"We're going to have to search everyone."

"You're crazy." Gary retorted.

"Oh, shut up Gary!" Kim yelled at him. "Just do as he says before we all die!"

"Thank you, Kim." said Philip. "Guys, I'll search you. Then you can search me too. Kim, you do the same for the girls."

Reluctantly everyone divided themselves and lined up.


"You first, Boon. Pockets."

Boon turned his pockets inside-out. To his own surprise probably, a tiny slip of paper fell out. Very quickly he picked it up and slipped it back inside.

"Wait...what was that?"

"Oh, it's, erm, nothing."

"Show me."

"It's...hey, I don't feel so well."

"I don't care. Show me the paper NOW."

Boon scrunched his face and handed Philip the paper. It was some sort of passed note.

heyyy, dont forget to show me the fuse box later kayss. =)

"Fuse box?" Philip frowned. "Boon, who is this from?"

"I-I-I..." he started making funny sounds in his throat.

"TELL ME NOW! Who passed you this note?"

Boon tried to say something, but no words came out. His breathing became laboured as he fell and started twitching violently like a dog with rabies.

"Kim! Kim!" Philip called out in horror. "Something's wrong with him!"

She glanced around, shocked herself at the situation. Boon was vomiting massive amounts of blood and thrashing around in desperation, trying to shake off an intensely searing pain from within.

"Someone get an ambulance!"

"The phone! Where is it?"

"Calling, calling!" Philip fumbled it out from his pocket and punched the numbers.

"GAHHH!" Boon clawed repeatedly at his stomach till it became bloodied. "H-H-Hel..."

Another gush of thick red liquid spurted from his mouth.

"Hello? Hello? Why isn't it getting through?!" Philip checked the phone anxiously.

Each passing second felt like an eternity. Through the corner of his eyes, Philip could see Boon's movements reducing to occasional spasms. He wasn't going to last long.

"Hello? Ambulans? Ada kes emergency kat sini. SMK Taman Bakti, Off Jalan Klang Lama."

Boon coughed up a final choke of blood before his head hit the floor awkwardly.

"Cepat ya. Cepat. Kawan saya sakit kuat."

Hanging up, he feared the worst.

"Philip," Kim cried. "He's dead."


"This is crazy man!" Eddy shouted. "FREAKING CRAZY! Where is this killer?"

"Shut up," Philip held up the note. "Boon was in on it too. He helped the killer blow the fuse box. Who was he close to?"

Gary shook his head. "No one, man. The guy was a loner."

Philip studied the note again. "It looks like a girl's handwriting. Anyone can recognise it?"

They passed it round for inspection, but to no avail. The virtual absence of light certainly didn't help things.

"If Boon helped the killer, why was he killed too?" Sathia asked.

"I don't know." Philip shrugged. "Let's analyse. First, Cassandra was killed. We don't know why. Then Mr. Bala, though that was probably intended for the first person who opened the door. Next was Vivian. Then Boon. Perhaps the killer had no more use for him, and didn't want Boon to reveal his identity."

"So...does this mean that Cassandra and Vivian were part of the plan too?"

"Maybe. But Boon's death was different. He was poisoned beforehand. He was in contact with the killer. The others could be random murders."

"No way. There's nothing random about this killer. Just look at how well he planned everything! The lights going out, the door, the gun, the poison..."

"You know what," Gary took in a deep breath. "We should all leave before the killer strikes again. He's somewhere here, and he's got a gun. Anyone of us could be next."

"But remember what happened to Mr. Bala when he tried to open the door? I'm not going first, man."

"Yeah, we could just wait here. The police will be arriving soon anyway."

"Police my foot. We wait here, we die. Comprehendo?"

"Guys, guys, guys," Philip silenced them. "Listen. We're going to leave, but not through the door. It's obviously rigged. We'll go by the windows."

"In this weather? And from the third floor? Are you mad?!"

"Not as mad as you'll be when someone else dies." he glared. "Now, I need everyone to stick together. Everyone. We'll all be facing each other, since we can't trust anyone. Is that clear?"

All nodded.

"To the windows, then. Circle facing inwards. Do not break it."

To be continued.


Chuah Siew Lin™ said...

this is interesting...keep it up :DD
Oh, are the names in the story real? E.g : Philip. Philip Tan? lol...

Bea said...

hmmm.....i suspect the killer is.....

the magically-appearing Agong!!! xD

Anonymous said...

dude..i dont get it. the phone lines working and the police and ambulance is on its way..they shud just cuddle up no ?

mOkKiEs said...

to siewlin: oh no, i've been exposed! erm...only a few names are inspired by real ppl lah. philip is one of them. but anyway, i tend to base my characters on ppl i know most of the time. nyek nyek.

to Bea: shhhh!!! NO SPOILERS!!!

to Anonymous: said already mah...they're afraid that if they continue to stay in the classroom, the killer will continue to kill more of them.