Sunday, April 25, 2010

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 4)

I had a thought that day. What if I die before this story is completed? Then nobody will ever know the shocking end I have in store. Perhaps they'll get someone to ghost-write (pun in your face!) the ending for me. And maybe that guy will just assume I was planning to do a triple-swerve by REALLY making the magically-appearing Agong your Murderer of The Day.


I better get writing quick.

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 4)

The group shuffled cautiously towards the windows at the far end of the class, never once taking their eyes off each other. One of them was the killer, and they all knew it.

"Oh my," Sathia peered out at the relentless rain. "We're so gonna get wet."

"Looks dangerous. Someone could slip and fall."

Philip shushed them. "Here's the plan. I'll throw a chair at the window to break it, so you guys stand back to avoid getting hurt. Then we form a straight line by holding hands to exit through it. There's some space along the ledge which we can use to get to the main balcony. Once we get there, we'll re-form the circle and wait for the police together."

"Another thing." he added. "Everyone's hands must be holding someone else's when we're moving in a line. One hand holding the person in front, one hand behind. The first and the last person must hold with both hands. This way, we can be sure the killer's hands are occupied."

"Agreed." Kim nodded, prompting the rest to follow suit.

"Good. We can outsmart the killer. I promise there will be no more killings."

Another streak of lightning flashed across the sky, drawing a low rumbling of thunder. Ten minutes had passed since the first phone call to the police. Whoever this killer was, he was running out of time.

"Everyone, stand back." Philip readied himself with the chair. "On the count of three."


Kim and Sathia placed their hands over their ears.


"Hey, wait!" Gary shouted. "What's that?"

He pointed to the teacher's desk, where a big cloud of gas was rapidly spreading to the rest of the classroom.

"What the..."

"Cover your noses and mouths, quick!" yelled Philip. "That gas might be poisonous!"

Quickly the rest followed his orders, inadvertently breaking the circle. The gas was filling up the room at a frightening speed. They could barely see each other anymore.

"Philip!" A muffled voice called out. "Break the window!"

Fumbling, he felt for the chair and grabbed it. In one swift motion, he held his breath, lifted the chair and flung it at the window with all his might.


As quickly as it had enveloped the room, the gas escaped through the gaping window. In less than a minute, it had almost completely drained away.

Slowly two other standing figures came into Philip's focus.


And Sathia.

Where were the rest?

"PHILIP!" Kim shrieked. "SHE'S THE KILLER!"

Horrified, Philip observed a small pistol in Sathia's hands. It was then he realised that the rest of their classmates were lying on the floor.

With bullet holes through their heads.

"It-it was you." Philip turned to Sathia, trembling. "You killed them."


Two ear-splitting gunshots rang in the air, hitting their intended targets.

To be concluded.


AnGeliciouSneSs~ said...

"sYok" man rEaDinG uR stoRieS! haHa..
OMG! gEttinG cloSe to thE enDinG..
thanKieW, foR nOt bRinGinG uP thE aGonG!

Chin Eu said...

hahaha, this is sure interesting, i started checking your blog everyday since last friday!!!

hurry up hurry!! complete the story!!

mOkKiEs said...

thanks guys for reading! you make me feel like a superstar.
the ending is almost done, just hang in there!

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mOkKiEs said...

Daniel Mok hopes Sharon Loh likes this too.