Thursday, April 22, 2010

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 2)

No time for self-indulgent rambling now. On with the killings!

Murder In 5sc1 (Part 2)

"Hey! Does anyone know our school address?"

"Obviously not. Just tell them the name of our school, smarty."

"Ah...OK, nama dia SMK Taman Bakti. Kat Taman Bakti, dekat Jalan Klang Lama."

Philip was calling the police with Vivian's phone while the rest remained glued in silence.

"Ya. Ya. Betul. Dekat bangunan Telekom. OK. Bye"

He hung up, glancing nervously at the other students who were now huddled in a circle.

"So? What did they say?"

"They'll be here in 15 minutes."

Everyone nodded blankly.

"Meanwhile," Philip added. "We need to talk."

He raised his voice as the rain continued to grow louder. "The killer is definitely still here among us. Nobody left the class after Mr. Bala was killed. And judging by the method of murder, it was the same person who killed Cassandra."

"Who would want to kill Cassandra?" Lina wept.

"He would." Gary the class joker snickered and pointed at Philip. "She had a crush on him."

"Please. No time for jokes."

"Guys," Boon cut in seriously. "Let's go through the details. Is there anyone else in school today?"

"Nope. This week's our class' turn for that Saturday extra class thing, remember?"

"Then," he stared upwards. "We all came into class together. And Cassandra was already there dead. So, whoever killed her must have slipped back out to join us."

"YOU!" Kim suddenly turned to Sathia. "You went somewhere before we came to class!"

"Eh, hello. I was in the toilet lah."

Kim fidgeted away from her, unconvinced.

"And anyway, why the heck would I want to kill her?"

"Because...she was always pestering you to let her join the prefects' committee. And you held her back."

"WHAT!" Sathia's eyes bulged in anger. "Rubbish! Who told you that?"

"She did. She said you were always sucking up to the teachers."

"Well, she can go to hell for all I care. I did all I could for that ungrateful girl. It's not my fault nobody likes her in the first place. But I swear, I DID NOT KILL HER. I have no reason to."

"All right, chill. I was just saying."

"In fact," Sathia was becoming increasingly agitated. "I recall you once got mad at her for spoiling Philip's surprise party."

"EXCUSE ME!" Kim shouted in her face. "Everyone was mad at her. We spent a whole week planning the surprise."

"Oooooh, we. I think you were the only one who really cared enough to scold her till she cried."

"Girls, PLEASE!" Philip interrupted. "This isn't the time."

"Okay, okay." Sathia rolled her eyes. "Behave yourself, girl."

Kim looked like she was about to punch someone's head off. Most likely Sathia's.

"I've had enough of this!" Vivian stood up without warning. "I'm asking my Mom to fetch me home now."

"No, no, I don't think that's a good idea." Philip tried to get her to sit back down. "The police might need us to explain stuff."

"Are you kidding me? I have to go shopping with my Mom later."

"Look, our teacher and classmate are dead. And all you can think about is shopping?!"

"I don't care. This is just too weird."

She pushed her way past the other students to the front of the class. As she headed for the door, she suddenly stopped, felt her pockets and turned around.

Everything happened so quickly next.

"Philip," her lips opened.

"My phone."

Swoosh! A bullet ran through her skull, killing her instantly.

To be continued.

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DUDE!!! 5sciEnCe1 is juSt opPositE mY claSs aRe yOu tRyinG 2 makE mE teRifiEd oF cOminG to scHoOl!?!? SheEeeSh~

mOkKiEs® said...

muahahaha...careful, u might die in the sequel...

TradeOrTreat said...

hahaha i can imagine my class 5sc1 had this happening at the high corner of the block. But our Mr. Bala teach econs la...

big sister said...

need lots of energy to read your story lei! Maybe bila ada masa, i will read them.