Friday, April 07, 2006

Writer's Block: To Be A Man

Stand up, little boy!
Shake off your doubts and fears
Open your eyes, your ears
Your heart, let it beat on a marching drum
No time to cover, the world calls
Soar from the triumphs, stand from the falls
Be you brave yet unassuming
Proud but never overdoing
Savour the sights
Soak in the scents around you
For life is an everchanging melody
Playing a tune of its own for everybody
Be with you, the twinkly eyes of an old man
The wide-eyed awe a child understands
Remember your dreams, give them great white wings
Love them as only how you can
Should dawn pass too quick or stars shine not
Keep these all safe in your hands
And march on, little boy, to unseen lands
Maybe beyond
Maybe beneath
Or possibly above the skies
And when the rays bathe you in gold
Yet you see far more than riches untold
You know you have what it takes
To be a man.


Daniel Ang said...

huh! i see the changes when you start working... to be a man...:)
full of anticipation.
and so Moktar march on...

mOkKiEs® said...

hehe, thx for dropping by man!
and faster update your abu-kin...=p
so how? got a job already?