Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chapter 14: "Unexpected"

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Anyway, be prepared for the long-overdue new Twisted Tales skin soon! Already set my eye on one, just need to add some personal touches and trek through the treacherous jungle of HTML scripts, and...voila!

I shuddered and froze, waiting for the death blow to strike. Now.
And he froze as well.
"Delete, you fool!" she yelled at me. "What are you waiting for?"
She had managed to cast a Freeze Frame on him! I didn't need any further prmopting. Down went the button in my mind at once, creating a glowing blue spark in my hands.
Zap! It crackled and snapped to life, then burst out of my hands, streaking all the way through Phocadis' body. His eyes bulged wildly, as though wanting to zap me with a ray of their own, before going white.
Then he crumbled into a heap of dust.
I gaped at the heap, then back at my own hands. Did I really do that?
I did. Whatever this Delete thing was, it sure was powerful as heck.
"You defeated him. Well done, Chosen One." Old Lady Melly half-nodded, and turned to leave.
"Hey...wait! You, saved me. Thanks."
"Just returning the favour." She didn't even look at me.
"Why, why, why! What is the matter indeed, all the long faces?"
That voice! What in the world was he doing here?
"What in the world am I doing here?" Archiver stepped out from behind a huge boulder I didn't recall being there. "Oh, believe me, I have much reason for being here."
"You better not be up to no good," I glared at him. "Or else."
He smiled dryly. "Much as I would love to teach you a thing or two for siding with the enemy, I am not here to fight."
"That was some fight you just fought," he applauded sarcastically. "Most befitting of the one He has set apart. You will prove to be a worthy servant in time."
"Worthy servant my foot! The only thing I'm doing is bringing down your boss and His evil plans."
"Heh heh heh heh heh. How passionate our friend has become. You have yet to realise the truly excellent things He can do with His powers."
"W-what do you mean?"
"While you were away, our men found your cave hideout and took U and the girl to Him."
"And if you do not want bad things to happen to them," A grin spread across his face. "Follow me to Climax City."

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