Thursday, April 27, 2006

Writer's Block: Sunshine Splattered Over The Floor

Sunshine splattered over the floor!
The walls hide it no more
Yellow fluffy chicks hop gaily
Chasing me through the feet of Mommy

I squeal in glee, oh how I love to see!
The sunshine trickles, it's coming after me!
Here comes the yellow chick, fat and round
I sneak behind it. "Shh...don't make a sound!"

Here it comes! Quiet as I can be
I hold my breath - one, two, three!
Splash! Pounce on the sunshine!
It squiggles! It wiggles! But it's mine!

Toss it back up the sky!
Yellow chicks fly, fly, fly!
See, the rays reach almost the door!
Whoops! More sunshine splattered over the floor!

"Peter! You naughty, naughty, boy! What a terrible mess!"
"Huh? Don't you like it, Mommy?"
"No! What a bad boy you are. Pick up those egg shells and throw them away this instant!"
"Mommy...did I do something wrong?"
"Yes, you did."
"I'm sorry, Mommy."

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