Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chapter 9: "Melly"

Lol, I've been terribly wasting my time these past few days on Youtube.com watching sentai shows. Sentai, as I've just discovered, refers to your those Japanese Power Rangers-esque shows we all watched on TV1 at 5pm when we were kids. Now, now, there's nothing to be ashamed of...
But haha yeah, I gotta blame Beatrice for this one. She started it all by sending me this absolutely hi-lah-rious
Spiderman El Cheapo clip which gets funnier each time I watch it. Then it was two sleepless nights down memory lane of Masked Rider Black and Ultraman. Seriously guys, you've GOT to check out Masked Rider Black. The opening theme, the monsters, the transformation sequence, it still makes me want to cover behind a pillow. Wickedly good stuff.

I stopped and gulped down water from my canteen for the umpteenth town. Here I was, with a silly-looking staff U had given me as a weapon, searching for some mysterious Old Lady Melly which he claimed would be able to give me the powers needed to battle Him.
"Everyone in Blogspot has special functions, or powers if you will," he said. "Nobody is ever certain what their powers are or what they will accomplish, but Old Lady Melly has promised me to help you seek your powers."
So here I stood in front of a crummy hut by the countryside that was a steaming cauldron away from being your average wicked witch abode. I checked once more the sketch U had provided me with. No doubt this was the right place, but where was Old Lady Melly?
"Hello!" I rapped the door with my staff. "Anybody home?"
No reply. I tried again.
"Hello! Old Lady Melly? U sent me here! Hello!"
Creak! The door finally swung open. A freckled old woman, eyes barely open, looked up at me. "Who in the blazes are you supposed to be?"
"Uhh...U asked me to come."
"That is none of my business," she closed the door halfway. "Go away."
"But you're supposed to help me gain powers! I need to fight Him!"
"There has been enough fighting already. Go away."
I held the door to stop her from slamming it in my face. "You're not making sense. The fighting hasn't even started yet, and I need your help to make sure it ends well for us."
"Fool! You are the one not making sense! The fighting ended ten years ago, and I never want to see it start again! Do you understand?"
Maybe she was one of the survivors of the first revolution. Someone from the past, just like U and Him. But if she wasn't going to train me, who would?
"Ho, ho, ho, ho," A low grunt caught me by surprise, making me turn to look. It was a hulking half-man half-beast creature in a mask. "He was right. You are here indeed, Chosen One."
I readied my staff to fight. This guy didn't look too friendly.
"A pity really, that He wanted me to bring you back alive. I was looking forward to bringing home your heads." he flexed his hefty arms. "Prepare to fight Phocadis!"

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