Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chapter 11: "Scroll"

Confession: I wrote this in office over a period of two days while doing other stuff - so expect it to suck somewhat.

Incredible. I soared higher and higher, then swooshed back down. It wasn't the power of flight, nor was it gliding. Just jumping really high.
"Heee-Yah!" I raised my staff above my head and struck it square on Phocadis' head upon landing. He was too dumbfounded to even block or dodge. Old Lady Melly's Freeze Frame helped slightly too, I guess.
Direct hit! The added strength from my leap sent him flying to the ground. So this was my new power - Shift. I trembled in excitement, brimming suddenly with bravado.
"Garrick," Old Lady Melly called out weakly. "Y-you cannot...fight...yet..."
Then she collapsed, totally drained of energy.
"Will the wonders never cease," Phocadis picked himself up. "Our young fellow here has got something up his sleeve after all."
He cracked his knuckles again and struck a pose. "No more foolishness, then. Here I come. Scroll Forward!"
With that he charged - no, drifted straight at me. I didn't even have time to think before his rock-hard body slammed into me. It felt like a giant sack of bricks whacking the air out of me.
Holy smokes, I wondered. How on earth did a guy his size manage to move so quickly? It had to be some sort of power he possessed.
"Come on now! Your turn next!"
I stood back up, clutching my stomach hard. Now it was starting to hurt. But no time for that. I had to focus on putting him down.
It was a no-brainer, really. I took two steps forward and Shifted high into the air. This time I had better control over the direction of my landing. I went once more for the top of his head, thinking it the easiest point to attack from above.
"Scroll Left!" Moments before my staff connected he drifted out of the way. Incredible! His feet never even left the ground.
"Scroll Right!" I turned slightly to block his impending charge. Too late. He drifted back where he stood and gored me into the ground like a rampaging bull.
"My mastery of the Scroll movements is unparalleled," His gleaming eyes looked down where I lay. "And when you consider this as well," He flexed his brawny muscles. "I cannot be defeated by your feeble powers."
Struggling to contain the pain in my gut, I forced myself up. Old Lady still was in no condition to fight. What could I do to counter his Scroll?
I had to react faster, much faster. I gripped my staff tightly with both hands and concentrated on every movement of his body.
"No use," Phocadis laughed. "I can modify my Scroll attacks to different forms. Watch."
Very quickly he Scrolled left, then right, then back left, constantly repeating till he became a sweeping mass sucking me to itself. I tried Shifting away, but the pressure was too strong to break free of.
When I was drawn in close enough, he stopped and reached for my throat. "You are nowhere near my league!" He lifted me with one arm.

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