Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Writer's Block

Dang, I was hoping not to do any non-Chapter posts (preambles, Writer's Blocks, poems etc) for this entire story to give it a more "realistic" feel, but...stuff happens, you know. Heh heh.
My past week went from being a terribly low one to peaking at a nice little high on Sunday. High or low however, it was all non-stop breakneck speed from the unbearable church 30th anniversary souvenir booklet design deadline to my computer threatening to die at anytime to even the flurry of copywriting classes BOTH in college and 95 Percent (this is gonna take some explaining). Then on Saturday came my graduation ceremony plus dinner, followed by almost the entire Batch 26 storming into an overcrowded Halo Cafe. The grand finale? Not quite yet. That came on Sunday, where I groggily woke up on Sunday at 6.30am and rode all the way to Port Dickson for Gospel Camp one day late. Of course, it was already the second day where you had games, games, and more games. Urgh.
But much as I expected myself to be dead tired and all stressed out by the time Monday came along, I was actually quite "feeling it". Yeah, dead tired was a given but I don't think I've felt more relaxed and happy in a long time. Sure, some of the games we organised reeked of last minute preparations and sounds-good-on-paper-only, but the newcomers seemed to have a fun time! And thank God really, that the way the participants played Capture The Flag fitted perfectly into our message of how everyone has broken the rules and sinned in their lives. Not to mention Mafia as well! It's now like the official "unofficial" game of camps. =^)
Okay, that's all for now...gotta catch some sleep. Will update later in the day - stay safe, kiddos!

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