Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chapter 2: "Revolutions"

I went agape, dumbfounded at how this scraggly old man with a ridiculously long beard could've materialised out of nowhere in my room.
"Who in the world am I?" he grinned like a madman. "I already told you, I'm the Archiver. But perhaps that does not suffice as a proper introduction."
"Are you familiar with the Blogspot Revolution?"
"It has happened only twice before. The first time around, He was successful and it spawned an utterly mad flurry of blogs around the world, mushrooming faster than anyone could have imagined. I was there; I watched on proudly as each blog was created and lovingly authored into becoming a part of everyone's lives."
"Then years went by, many new Hes came and went, but none were able to grab Blogspot by the reins and steer it to true greatness. I wanted so much for that to happen...but all that happened was the downward spiral. Blogging became a dirty word. Everyone associated it with mediocrity and irrelevancy. The second Revolution was just waiting to come about. Eventually it did, but something went wrong."
"It failed," he shook his head sadly. "I could not believe my eyes when Climax City burned to the ground and this one boy - just one boy, mind you - defeated our Writer."
He paused, presumably wiping a tear from his white eyes.
"But you see, some good did come out of it. Because of the failure of the second Revolution, the seeds have been planted for a third. Now, nobody in the world knows it yet but something big is about to happen; something that will change the way everyone perceives blogging. All He needs is someone who shares the same passion like we do. Together, we will rid Blogspot of all that has tarnished it and restore the glorious days that once were! What say you?"
I didn't even hesitate to answer. "Sure thing."
"Excellent, truly excellent. Follow me."
I stepped out of the door of my room behind him.

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