Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chapter 3: "History"

"Whoa!" I expected the usual spiral staircase going downstairs, but only barren brown earth met my eyes. What had happened to my house?
"You are no longer in your world, of course," The Archiver answered my thoughts. "Welcome to Blogspot! A world where only excellent things happen. Then we tear them down and make even more excellent things happen. Excellency never ends."
Oh-kayy. I nodded cluelessly.
"You do not comprehend, of course, for you have yet to meet Him. Absolutely understandable."
"Who exactly is this He or Him that we're meeting? And what am I supposed to do when I meet Him?"
He stopped in his tracks and cackled softly. "You are asking too much for your own good, my child. Just like how He once did."
"Just like how He once did? You mean, you brought Him into Blogspot as well?"
"Why yes, I did," The old man stroked his beard. "For entirely different reasons, though. You see, the previous He, also known as the Writer, had another idea to bring back glory to Blogspot. He took in people from your world and created Antagonists - exact replicas of those people, just evil. The people who came in would then seek out their Antagonists and battle them, providing Him with the great stories that He desired so."
My mouth grew wide in amazement.
"Then He had another bigger, wilder idea. Unlike the previous people He brought in who were weak and easy to manipulate, He would bring in someone that was strong-minded and rebellious in nature. The mere thought of having such a character battling his Antagonist made us tremble in anticipation."
"Heh heh heh heh heh," Archiver laughed so hard his whole body shook. "Glorious days! What glorious days they were! OH, YES THEY WERE! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Suddenly his euphoria evaporated. His eyes flared with a consuming rage. "That is all you need to know. That He I mentioned is gone, and now we have a new He."
He marched onward in an apparent temper, leaving me behind utterly clueless. Maybe the best thing to do was to tag along and not ask too much till we met Him.
"Pst!" Out of nowhere a finger tapped my shoulder sharply, making me jump.

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