Friday, March 31, 2006

Chapter 7: "Sign"

Phew! Just in time to finish off March with one more post than last month's dismal record of seven. Was actually typing out this post in the office (where I started unofficial work yesterday) before I came to the realisation that it was still too early and too risky for anyone to find out that I was getting paid to blog. So here I am, in the still of the night when I should be sleeping, crafting a masterpiece for people so owe me one.
But hey, you know what? I did spend some of my time in the office today making a list of characters for Blogspot 2, their skill sets, and even imagining how their fights against one another would be like. Fancy that! This brings back good ol' memories of "re-scripting" those potong stim (anti-climatic) Ultraman battles I watched when I was much younger. And heck, looks like my unknowing employers still aren't getting their full money's worth yet. Muahahaha. I so should get fired.

Ouch. I tried opening my eyes, but my head was hurting too much for me to do anything. Someone was talking around me. I tried to listen, but he was too distant to make out any words. It sounded like U, though.
"Ah!" I accidentally cried out in pain as my throbbing head rested against a stony surface.
"Why look, Linnie. He's come to."
Slowly I parted my eyelids. I was apparently in some sort of cave. Standing before me was U and another girl I didn't recognise. She appeared tiny and frail in her tattered clothes, barely twelve or thirteen, peeking shyly from behind him.
"You all right?"
"Yeah," I stroked the tender spot at the back of my head and winced. "Guess so. What happened?"
"Heh," U smirked. "Basic war strategy - if you can't beat the enemy, grab the spoils and flee."
Sheesh. Being referred to as "the spoils" wasn't exactly a roller-coaster for me.
"It was brilliant, really. Knowing that the Archiver uses a lot of energy in Loading every detail from a scene, I purposely timed my Paste to coincide with the moment he Loaded. Once he had to add in the detail of me Pasting, I Cut and Pasted myself in rapid succession to create even more work for him. Eventually, he couldn't bear the overloading and the entire scene crashed on him. Which brought us back here."
I nodded in understanding. Then shook my head again. " you're making me even more confused! Who're the good guys and who're the bad guys, really?"
"Hm," U pondered for a moment. "It wouldn't mean much if I claimed to be the good guy, that I'm sure. Let me try to explain it all to you. Then you make the decision."
"The new Him's mission is simple - after he inherited Blogspot from his predecessor, he found too much "dead weight" lying around - blogs that add nothing to Blogspot's legacy of excellency. Therefore, he wants to rid Blogspot of all blogs deemed mediocre and unite every blog into a single master blog monitored by Him. From then on he shall have total control over what they say, what they think, what they look like...all these blogs must adhere to specific guidelines and templates provided."
Rid Blogspot of all mediocre blogs? That was a come-from I couldn't agree with more.
"However, Garrick, there is one thing you must understand. For each blog that is created in your world, an inhabitant of Blogspot - or Blog - is born. Should His plan become reality, it would mean..."
"Death for the scores of so-called mediocre Blogs?"
I stared at him wide-mouthed. "That can't be right."
"He begs to differ, however. Now that the sign of the Revolution has arrived, the battle can no longer be avoided. Sooner or later, He will seek us out and come for you. The time to fight draws near."
"What's the sign of the Revolution?"
U smiled at me. "You are."

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