Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chapter 5: "Loading"

Oh yeah! Sing along with me now, WELCOME WORKING WORLD! That's right, I finally got myself a job as a copywriter in a medium-scale ad agency opposite Mid Valley. Really gotta thank my brother (who recommended me the job as he knows someone there) and God (who well, did His God stuff =p), it's such a dream job in terms of working hours, transport, salary, learning experience and all! Starting work on April 3rd, let's hope that doesn't translate into even less blogging for me...

"You dare challenge me?" The Archiver's nostrils flared in rage. "It shall be the last thing you ever do!"
U charged forward and thrust his sword at him. Archiver caught it with one hand and punched him in the gut.
"What in the world..." U clutched his gut in pain.
"Surprised? Many things have changed since the last time we fought, you fool. He has bestowed me with far more powers than you could ever dream of. Give up, and go home. You cannot touch me."
"Hm." U got up and ran at him again. Moments before reaching him though, U vanished.
Archiver's eyes darted left and right. "You Cut yourself."
Pow! Without warning his left knee bended awkwardly, making him fall. As he tried to steady himself, another unseen force twisted his arm. He screamed in agony.
"You are finished." U reappeared, wrenching his arm behind his back. He held the tip of his sword at Archiver's throat. "Take me to Him now."
"Heh heh heh heh heh." Archiver cocked his mouth one side. "How quickly you forget, my dear."
Suddenly everything froze. I couldn't even move my eyelids. Another spell?
It lasted no more than five seconds, but what happened after that was truly weird. I found myself back beside the Archiver with U drawing out his sword. Just like before the fight started.
"In all my eternities as the Archiver of this land, I have lost only once. And that is because of the power of Save and Load which nobody but I possess."
Save and Load? What on earth was he talking about?
"Oh," Archiver glanced at me. "Our friend here wonders what the secret behind my Save and Load is."
"You see, as the Archiver who sees all and lives through all in this world, it was only fitting that He gave me the power to capture a single moment in time and relive it whenever I want. Only then, He deduced, would the precious moments of excellency never be lost."
"And I have taken this to a whole new level by incorporating it into my battles. You see, I never was the stongest or fastest fighter around, but no matter what my enemies do to me, all I need to do is to Load the scene before the battle began and we are back at square one. Time will run out on them eventually, but it never does for me."
My lips quivered at his words. Indeed, there was no way U could win if the Archiver kept reloading the scene.
"You seem perplexed." Archiver grinned at U. "Why not come over and find a way around my powers?"
U gripped his sword tightly and swallowed.

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