Monday, March 27, 2006

Chapter 6: "Reload"

Omigosh! It's already the 27th, and I haven't even pushed all of last month's posts out of the most recent posts you can see if you scroll down! Yikes! What a far cry from the mad, mad days of 2004 and early 2005 when I would do 20+ posts a month.
Oh, and by the way...screw the reCAPPENINGS. Don't pretend you'll miss them. =p

Archiver stepped forward, psyching U out by pretending to pounce. U didn't finch. He sure seemed overly calm for someone who was fighting a losing duel.
"YAH!" U charged with his sword raised.
"Fool! You already tried that!" Archiver reached for the sword and tried to grab it. However, U deftly lowered his sword and spun out of the way. When Archiver spun around to face him, he was no longer there.
"Buying time again. A foolish tactic to use against me."
He perked his ears and readied himself for U to show up. "Come on now," he swung his fist at the air around. "This would be a pitiful end to the first battle Garrick is watching. Eh, my child?" He winked at me.
That was all the opening U needed. He Pasted himself behind Archiver and delivered a swift kick to his knees, followed by a swipe of his sword. It struck him square on the back, forcing him on his knees.
"You have gotten quicker." He said through gritted teeth.
With agility you wouldn't expect from a frail old man Archiver sprang back to his feet and somehow managed to extend his grip around U's sword. U tried to wrench it away from his grasp, but he was too strong.
"Not good enough," Archiver drew the sword to himself, making U go forward. "I win again."
Even with both hands around the sword trying to wrest it back, U could still muster a smile. "That's what they all say before they burn, old man."
"What the..." Archiver's eyes went wide. With a furious roar he flung the sword in the air along with U. Only the sword came back down, embedding itself neatly into the ground.
"A Cut in mid air? How impressive. You sure have run out of tricks." Archiver sneered. "Time to start all over."
Everything stopped moving. He was Loading the scene again!
One second...two seconds...three seconds...suddenly I could feel a my hands jerking like hiccups. Before I knew it, they were shaking violently out of control. I looked around. It was happening to everything else in the scene as well! And this freeze sure was lasting longer than the previous one when Archiver Loaded.
Then I felt this incredible force tightening around my head. I tried resisting it, but it was rapidly grew so intense that I passed out.

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