Thursday, August 17, 2006

Writer's Block (yep, a good ol'-fashioned one)

"You mean...a Writer's Block, as in, a Writer's Block?"
"No soppy poems?"
"No ridiculously far-fetched direct sales yarns?"
Nah. Not for now.
"No Starlight Cinema escapades?"
Hmm...just a little, just a little. But still it's a good ol'-fashioned Writer's Block!
The sort which, a quick run-through the archives tell me, we haven't had in three months!

Kicking things a twist worthy of a Twisted Tale, I found myself at Starlight Cinema again last night, watching X-Men 3, courtesy of free passes from Noel (Apparently that guy has heaps of them lying around). And I wasn't late this time!
Would love to do another event rundown for ya, but why bother? Not when Zhi Yong has already written this possibly-hilarious bit.

Next! Should have posted this last Friday when I first found out, but...
Details, you ask? It's a freelance job from 95 Percent which I didn't get paid for...worked with Bala on it. Client's MPH and Perdana Leadership Foundation, they want to get the public to submit funny stories for A Collection Of Malaysian Anecdotes.

Well...there should be a JPEG of the ad here for you to click on, but being the self-praising jerk I am, I'm gonna have to ask you fork out RM8 for this month's issue of the MPH newsletter-cum-magazine "Quill". And kindly turn to page 39. Muahahahaha.

(And in another twist worthy of a Special Edition Twisted Tale, Beatrice actually forwarded the ad to me on Saturday, asking if I was interested to submit stories! =p)

Final item for the day: I haven't been updating the story for a full month. And coincidentially - or not - reader response has increased quite a fair bit. Okay, quite a lot. OKAY, there now is reader response.

Which proves my lingering suspicion that there are people who drop by every now and then...they just get "tuned out" by the episodic stories.

I find it tedious myself, having to sustain interest in the same story for months and months. And if I can't even enjoy it myself...

Fact is, it's becoming increasingly harder to both blog and tell episodic stories. Blogging involves jotting down random thoughts, poems, one-off stories etc that come to mind from nowhere. Episodic stories need to regularly be "immersed in". Otherwise the feeling is simply gone.

I've always known that Twisted Tales won't be able to retain the same formula forever. Heck, there shouldn't even be a formula. After close to 2 years, perhaps a revamp is due. Tonight, my pillows shall be stacked up high, my eyes on every inch of the ceiling, and my mind restless...

Zat'zall, folks!

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