Thursday, August 10, 2006

V For Vorst Movie Ever

Or rather, vorst movie experience ever.

Here's my story: Since my sister brought home the schedule last month, I had been waiting to catch Starlight Cinema. You know, that big outdoor cinema thing they have once a year.

So we scanned the schedule, and decided the best movie to catch would be V For Vendetta, screening 8pm, 9th of July. It also happened to be a movie I was dying to watch, as I missed it when it was first shown in the cinemas.

The plan was set. On the day itself - yesterday - my sister was to come to Mid Valley after work, and then we would go together. Only problem - she wanted to take the commuter train, while I thought we should drive.

"It's going to be jammed at this hour." she said.

Oh-kay. So that's how we wound up in a commuter train. It was 7.30 pm then, I think. OK-lah, not too late mah.

Of course, just as I was thanking God for having remembered the tickets, and imagining the dreadful consequences if I hadn't...we found out. That we were in the wrong train.

Scramble, scramble, panic, panic. Never mind lah, miss the first 10 minutes only. We got down at the Salak South station at 7.45pm. Come on now, train to Sentul!

"Harap maaf sekalian, keretapi ke Sentul jam 7.15 telah dibatalkan. Segala kesulitan amat dikesali."

ARGH! CONSPIRACY! Though I wasn't too sure how, or if, the 7.15 train mattered. Either way, we sat and waited. It finally arrived at 8.05 pm.

End of story? I wish!

Apparently we had to change trains at KL Sentral. More waiting.

You know those giant digital clocks they have at the KTM stations? The ones which you're forced to stare at while you wait. They make life seem so cheap. The numbers keep changing excitedly, but nothing else does. You mentally countdown to the next minute. Then it comes. Countdown to the next. It comes. It passes. Before you know it, you grow numb to the concept of time. The time could go backwards, and you wouldn't notice.

8.30 pm. And I could have sworn I was still having an Oreo McFlurry at Mid Valley 10 minutes ago. Man, if I ever get a 20 year prison sentence, I'm surely taking one of those clocks with me.

And the place. Is so dark. And depressing. A perfect place. For an evil bug mutant to kidnap a hapless soul. Like in the movie Mimic.

Eventually, I don't know when, the train came. Off to Sentul, Sentul...

Sentul at last. 9 pm. But horrors! The "short walk to the grounds" promised by the website turned out to be un-walk-able (too far). Good thing we managed to grab hold of a taxi craftily parked just outside the commuter station.

"Haha, you want to walk in here, have to walk till tomorrow lah boss." The Punjabi driver tilted his head jovially at me. Yeah, thanks for reminding.

But...who cares?! Cos at last we reached...STARLIGHT CINEMA!! It probably was almost 9.30 pm.

The ticket guy was so nice, he didn't have the heart to collect our tickets. "The movie's ending,'s okay, keep those tickets for another time."

So we smiled, thanked him, and happily kept our tickets marked "STARLIGHT CINEMA - ADMITS ONE. 8 pm, 9th July 2006". Yay?

No complaints on the event itself, really. It was a big grass field with a giant screen where the movie plays. The viewers bring their own towels or mats to sit on, none of the Americanised sit-in-car affair I was half-expecting. Apparently a lovey-dovey couple who thought they'd gotten the most behind seats weren't too pleased when we plopped ourselves down behind them.

" said no one would be able to see us!"

"How the heck would I know that people would be coming in 1 and a half hour late?!"

OK, OK, I should be focusing on the movie. Haha.

Watching only the last 40 minutes of a movie like V For Vendetta is like having ice cream for dinner. It's appetising and sweet, sure, but...tak rasa ler. Slash. Boom. Climax. Yeah.

End of movie, and we called the same taxi to pick us up (He kindly gave us his namecard, because you need to walk a long way out to get a taxi). Back to KL Sentral, where we had to endure another loooong wait for the last train of the night back to Mid Valley.

As I reached home well after 11 pm, I couldn't help feeling a little "Bah. That's it?". In the truest sense of the phrase, the night had passed by like a dream.

But like they say in the's the journey that matters, no?


Anonymous said...

ouch. i feel pain.

---> did the website.

---> did not do the copy.

---> nice guy was probably my collegue.


Anonymous said...

WOnder why u had a torrid movie nite? Was it something u skipped that evening?

mOkKiEs® said... anonymous guest...let's see...crystal ball clearing...a face appearing...closer...closer...DEREK?!