Monday, August 28, 2006

It's In Your Hands...Not!

And the countdown has begun! With Merdeka up on Thursday and compulsary leave on Friday, the following three days of work are nothing more than obstacles to bypass. Ah, yes...indeed life is all about having something to look forward to.
But... before that! A cracker of a blog post you ab-sho-lutely MUST READ. It's not from me, but it is someone I know. Simply one of the most hilariously dead-on ad reviews I've ever come across. Ta-da.

Be warned, though: you're gonna need some degree of understanding of conversational Bahasa (the Gila-Gila sort) to read. Paham?


Azraai said...
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Azraai said...

Hancus, power giler !aku ketawa sampai terberak sikit dalam seluar dalam aku. Ada color coklat campur oren. Hahahah!!! Love the writer that did the article. And I do have to agree with him and all the fellow civilized Malaysians who thinks Celcom is going MAD NATION with their campaign. I ‘m sorry for the copywriter, the art director and the creative director who had to stoop this low in following the clients need( they are paying them shitloads I bet) and forever marked as the creative team who created POWER and MAD NATION! Power giler siut! Haha. Nevertheless, let’s just pray for Celcom that this proposition will get their money’s worth( maybe praying is not enuff, just change the big boss) and hopefully the unfortunate Celcom users will tolerate with their peers making fun of their mobile service. Power giler gila macam sakai! Hahaha. Later Mokhtar.

p.s I prefer Celcom’s old proposition which was classy and for the niche group of yuppies. The MAD NATION killed it instantly. Thanks to Mr.Big-Boss-Man-That-Is-Contrived-And-Killing-The-Company