Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Writer's Block: The Perfect Couple

A perfect boy met a perfect girl
All stood still in their world
He was handsome, she was pretty
They smiled at each other sweetly
It was, of course, love at first sight
Under the purple starlit night
He whisked her away for a movie
Holding hands, happy as could be
A rom-com starring John Cusack,
They talked about it all the way back
"I'll call you tomorrow," he told her
She nodded, heart aflutter
Her phone rang the next night at ten
They chatted for hours to no end
More and more they felt less alone
He couldn't bear to put down the phone
They showered each other with gifts
Valentines, birthdays, even New Years' Eves
The gifts were lovely, handmade with heart
All so that they would never be apart
It was a perfect romance all the while
They cared, they shared, they made each other smile
Amidst the kisses, hugs, and I love yous
The two would be together forever, that eveyone knew

Then it all came to an abrupt end
They chose to just become good friends
What went wrong? Was there a problem no one saw?
Maybe couples aren't meant to be perfect after all.

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