Saturday, November 26, 2005

The New Girl, Chapter 13

Ah yes, I can see the finish line now, the end of the tunnel, the top of the mountain, anything you wish to call it...but every single day is drawing me closer to the holidays! Yesss! And the outlook for my semester has cleared remarkably over the past week. Couple that with a happy week of helping out in VBS (Vacation Bible School) where child-like faith reared its beautiful head - plus finding out at the last minute that I don't need to go to Penang after all - and you've got a happy yours truly here. But it isn't always about me, is it? No, it's about you enjoying my story...

May steadied her nerves and strode over to the table of chattering Indian girls. The din gradually lowered as they noticed her coming over. One of them nudged Saras.
"Why, why!" Saras looked up, pretending to be surprised. "What on earth could've brought our dear May to this table today?"
Every pair of eyes at the table drilled holes into her, probing for an explanation.
"Um, well," she fidgeted uncomfortably. "You were the one who asked me to meet you here."
"Oh yeah. So I did."
"So what is this all about?"
"Duh," Saras smirked. "So Jean has been feeding you stories about how badly we bullied her and that you're next?"
May scoffed and turned to go. "And I thought you had something worth my time."
"Wait. There's more."
"You know what?All of this is really making me sick. Why can't you people just leave that poor girl alone? It takes a real loser to keep frightening a cheerful and carefree girl into becoming someone so fearful and subdued. You might be able to make her buy all your black magic stuff, but if you think that's gonna work for me too, you've got something coming. The teachers are gonna know about this - trust me on that."
Saras understandably didn't seem too pleased. "I'll have a word with you on that another day. But I believe Jean's manage to trick you just like she tricked the other girl. What was her name again?"
"Misha." one of her friends said.
"Yup, Misha. You see, we never were witches. All that black magic and voodoo crap we told her, we were just fooling around."
"Now that's a surprise."
"But what we didn't count on was her really freaking out and picking up black magic herself. Now she's become so crazy that even we are afraid of her. I've tried telling her that we're not going to pick on her any more, but she's become so paranoid that it's no use."
As much as May disliked Saras, she felt a cold stab in her heart, the sort that comes when bitter truths reveal themselves.
"I don't know what she's planning next," Saras continued. "Somehow, she hasn't harmed us in any way so far. However, I can't say the same for you. She seems to have a thing for new girls."