Friday, November 04, 2005

The New Girl, Chapter 6

"Come on, it's just behind this fence." Jean called to May.
The two were standing in front of the wiring which ran around the school field. May, half-drenched in sweat, was already starting to feel silly. Reccess would probably be over soon.
"We have to climb over that?"
"Of course, silly." Jean stepped on a crack in the fence and lifted herself over to the other side easily.
May didn't really want to go jumping over fences and all in her pinafore, but was eventually coaxed into it by an overly enthusiastic Jean. Oh please, please, let there only be the two of us here, she prayed.
She placed her foot on the crack and jumped over the fence. Thankfully no ripping sounds were heard as she tumbled unsteadily onto the damp grass.
"All right, so what's the big deal?" May asked, a bit crossed.
"Aha, you'll see, you'll see," Jean stepped over a log. "It's just right ahead!"
Oh man, May groaned to herself. We are so going to get it from the prefects.
They ventured further in the grassy compound which was starting to resemble some sort of nature park. The refreshing chirp of birds mirrored the slight breeze which never seemed to go away. Patches of wild flowers added colour to the green carpet beneath their feet. May almost expected an elephant to suddenly pop up from behind a cluster of trees.
They'd been walking for almost five minutes now without saying a word. She checked her watch again. Ten-forty. Sigh.
Finally Jean stopped at a clearing. "Welcome to my playground."
May couldn't quite believe her eyes. Luscious green fields stretched on for what must be miles and miles, the kind you read about only in the pages of Enid Blyton. The sun beamed kindly in the blue and white sky, allowing the lingering breeze to carry the songs of the birds.
"J...Jean, where are we?"
"I don't know," she smiled as a butterfly rested on her hair. "You can only come here through the way I showed you."
It was so utterly picturesque, so perfect that May didn't know what to say. Her heart melted when she saw a family of rabbits playing at the foot of a hill.
"Go ahead, knock yourself out." Jean grinned as she dragged out a crate cleverly hidden between two trees. It was filled to the brim with snacks, canned drinks, board games, story books, and heaps of other what-nots.


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