Friday, November 04, 2005

reCAPPENING: The New Girl, Chapters 1-5

The story kicks off with May moving to a new all-girls school, where her classmates all act cold towards her except for a girl called Jean. It doesn't take May long to get introduced to Saras and her gang, the resident bullies of the school, when they tease her at the canteen. Jean tells May that the group are actually witches who once made a girl who ratted on them so sick she had to leave school.
Things become worse when Saras' gang takes May's money after she refuses to tell them whether Jean said they were witches. Angered, May vows to Jean that she'll tell the teachers, but Jean says it wouldn't be a good idea considering what happened to the other girl. Instead, she asks May to follow her to check out a better solution, leading us into Chapter 6.


charmaine. said...

heyya mokkies! your tagboard seems to be prejudiced towards URLs, as it wipes them out everytime I click "post", so here it is: (:
P/S: now I've got another nick. at least it's better than "charmander", ain't it? x)

mOkKiEs® said...

lolz, silly me...i didn't even realise ive been there once. what seems to be ur new nick?