Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Writer's Block

The search for that darned third story continues. Though if I must say, I've certainly let my imagination run out of control with The Secret Room! =^p
Allow me to be self-delusional for a while and say I've received many emails from readers asking me how long more this story will continue. Well, I say it'll continue as long as I see fit, till I've really let the story lay itself out nicely, with all the characters well fleshed out. Which shouldn't be more ten 10 Chapters more. Shouldn't. it getting draggy? Sometimes it's so hard for me to tell, standing so close and marvelling those tiny individual words. That's why I need more emails from YOU, the fans!
End of self-delusion.
Anyway, back to the search for that darned third story. Ever been in a room full of people, yet you feel totally lonely? Wait, that's a lousy metaphor. How about browsing through a menu packed with good food, yet not knowing what to choose? Hoho, say hi to Cliched Metaphor #38! But yeah...I still can't for my life decide what I want. Everytime some self- proclaimed super-duper idea pops up and I say "I'm SO gonna use that.", it makes way for the NEXT self-proclaimed super-duper idea. Which in turn lasts till ANOTHER one grows on my scalp. Sometimes I feel sorry for those old rejected ones and try giving them "bit part roles" in the new ideas. Which produces something like chocolate fudge with garlic toppings.Sad to say, unlike Blogspot, I've not really received any specific comments for The Secret Room. Which makes me hard to judge whether I'm on the right track or not. So instinctively I somehow form my own conclusion that it QUITE flopped. Oh, flopped is such an ugly word. It didn't do as well compared to Blogspot.
I figure there're two ways I can go about this third story; one is sticking back to the tried and tested formula of unwitting-protagonist-journeying-in-a-strange-unknown-land-towards-a-greater-mission a la Blogspot. Another would be saying, "Ah, what the heck, I don't care, I'm gonna write something that'll make everyone say Omigosh-are-you-crazy-you-can't-handle-a-story-like-that-it's-so-not-your-style." Which translates along the lines of warm fuzzy stories with some soul in them.
I mean, there're only so many twistedly "creative" stories you can write before you get bored and start wondering whether you're really capable of anything else. A wise lecturer once said that an artist's greatest fear is developing a style or pattern which makes him recognisable at once. Debatable words, but this is one of those cases.
Sheesh, maybe let's just do a sequel to Blogspot. :-)

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