Thursday, February 03, 2005

Writer's Block

The question on everyone's mind:
More like, is my computer really fixed? Hahahahahhahaha...
Well, in a relatively new experience last night, I reformatted my computer last night, but for some weird reason, still can't go online due to some cannot-ty detect-ty modem-my thingy. Which brings me now to Yuen Kan's* house, where they've put up with me for quite a while after the reluctant trip to the Museum Of Islamic Arts (don't ask). Well, Damien* gave me some computer gibberish which if I type into some mystical previously unseen part of my computer, will enable me to enter the World Wide Web where I shall be connected to a global community miles apart just by a simple click. Maybe.
Anyway, to answer Joy's* question: am I going to change the ending after all? To know how it ends, we must first go to where it began...
The place: my bathroom, the second most creativity-generating place in my house. The time: last night, where stuff happened. I was at first unsure how to handle this whole Stella character, having already ran into the risk of dragging this story too long. Like I mentioned, Stella is obviously someone with a past with Mrs. Banks, and I had to find some way to live her up to the hype after having painted so many intruiging possible plots for her. Yeah, I don't plan well, live with it, nyekekkekekekek.
And well, I dare not say that I've come up with a perfect direction for her, but (CAUTION! UNNECCESSARY BIG WORDS AHEAD) something devious has bubbled in the cauldron of my mind. Something that would even allow me to escape from certain corners I've painted myself into.
Oh wait, wasn't I supposed to talk about the super-secret ending? As in, what actually is inside the Secret Room? Fear not, I won't make corny "If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret" statements. Let's just say I've improved upon the previous ending, making it more...more...argh, quick! Gimme a big word! espionage.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of those mentioned.

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