Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Secret Room, 13th Chapter

"Tell us, quick! What did you find out?"
It was dinnertime and the three were sitting at the same table, eagerly yapping away on the day's proceedings. Obviously, Will's encounter with Stella was taking centerstage.
"You're totally sure Mrs. Banks didn't catch you?"
He took his sweet time chewing on a mouthful of rice, followed by a long, slow sip of water.
"She wouldn't tell me anything."
"WHAT?!" Jan stood up, then sat down upon realising the curious stares around her.
"Not a single thing?" she hissed. "Or was it you who didn't ask?"
He shook his head. "I asked. She wasn't mad at me, but she didn't seem exactly happy either."
"What did she say, then?"
"There was this look in her eyes," he tried mimicking an icy, faraway stare. "She literally begged me not to mess around with the Secret Room. Or else I would end up like the other kids."
"What other kids?"
"That's all she said."
"Now," Jimmy put down his fork. "This seems stranger by the minute."
"Well, unlike someone else, I sure got some interesting information today." said Jan. "There is one possible way we can break into the Secret Room, if our timing is right."
"Wow, now that is something!"
"Heh, of course. Now, the older kids have told me that nobody but Mrs. Banks has the keys to the room. Not even the ladies who work here. So, that would mean-"
"The only way to get in would be through Mrs. Banks!"
"Hush, you. Some of them claim that on certain nights, she enters the room herself. Therefore, if we could find some way to sneak in while she opens it..."
"But how on earth are we supposed to sneak in just like that?"
"I don't know, you tell me!"
"Some sort of distraction, maybe?" Jimmy thought out loud. "After all, there are three of us."
"That could work."
Suddenly Will couldn't stop fidgeting. "Guys, this might just work if we do it right. First, we have to find out when she goes into the room. And I suggest we start tonight."

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