Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Writer's Block

Here I am! This is me! Lest you start thinking me some Bryan Adams fan, I shall start off by breaking the good news: MY COMPUTER IS FIXED! But...like they say, behind every silver, there was be a cloudy lining. Though I can go online, my brilliant machine comes up with some new problem each day which makes me go "Wow, I would've never thought of that". For instance:

a) There's a virus which pops up a countdown screen for the computer to shut down every now and then.
b) My CPU power supply overheats once in a while, making the whole thing shut down, as well. And two wrongs so do not make a right. ;^)
c) I can't talk to people on Windows Messenger unless they talk to me first.
d) At certain times, I can't copy, paste, or, horrors, DRAG FILES!

And today, it even spread to my beloved blog! I couldn't see my chatterbox, nor log in! This sounds silly, but the "Sign In" button disappeared, and I had to go in through the "Post Comments" section instead. Plus, the fun doesn't end there! I couldn't click the "Edit" button to continue the draft for Chapter 15 I'd written halfway this morning. Which explains why you're putting up with this now. Sheesh.
Any-hoo, I've been in deep thought this past week about the next story. Would've loved to update you on my ideas every time they came, but it's pretty fun this way too. Let's see:

a) First, I decided the protagonist would be female.
b) Then I wanted to rewrite an old, old story of mine about two twin sisters. However, this old story is far less developed than the old Secret Room and I didn't have a copy with me.
c) Another story with a twist in the end? I was afraid my stories were all getting too similar and familiar. A love story, perhaps?
d) Nah. I could never. It would probably turn out hillarious. Then I chanced upon this conspiracy theory which I found so mind-boggling I wanted to turn it into my story somehow, in a modified way. I was extremely sure this would be my next story.
e) Insane people think insane thoughts. This appeared in my mind, and I somehow felt compelled to write something about a woman slowly being driven to the brink of insanity.
f) And most recently just now, I was flipping through B-grade horror films in a store, and MAN! That was COOL! Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio starred in "Critters 3: You Are What They Eat"? Go check it out, I kid you not! Reading the synopses, I started recalling those numerous R.L. Stine thrillers...maybe? Hmm.

Well, there you have it - a possible trailer to the story of a woman who loves and is yet driven to the brink of insanity by a conspiracy theory of some bloodsucking monsters.
Whoa, do I STILL have to talk about The Secret Room? You might have noticed I've once again broken my promise and it's gonna take longer than 15 chapters now. Not that that's a bad thing, I must say. I'm slowly growing to like this story as well, just you wait till the fun starts kicking in.
I now end this piece with the four most-heard words these days: Happy Chinese New Year!

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