Sunday, February 27, 2005

Writer's Block: The Snowman

The snowman grinned at me
I saw not why he chose to.
"You, my friend, have not a clue
What shall soon happen to you."

"Here you stand all alone
Laughing kids pass you by.
They talk, they skip, they run
All you can do is sigh."

"It shall not be long
When out comes the sun.
Weep in vain, cry in silence
Your life will then be done. "

"Eyes to stone, nose to sticks
Body to snow, limbs to twigs
Much as you try to resist,
You must die for Death's sake."

Still he stared right at me
Eyes of stone twinkling bright
It befuddled me ever so
How he took his death so light.

And behold! A cloud parted
In pride came his murderer
With great pity I gazed
Seeing him leave forever.

"You once were adored
A reason for living
New ones will take your place
Who remembers your being?"

Silently his body drooped
It spread across the ground
Once a grinning snowman stood
Now here remained a mound.

"Oh, how dark it is today
For one to depart this way
Nobody knew, nobody cared
Nor was there a call to stay."

A child scooped up the mound
Carried it across the field
She patted it on a patch
Where a new snowman was built.

If only I knew
Why the snowman grinned
If only the human
Knew why I grinned.

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