Friday, June 08, 2007

Writer's Block


One crappy 'Random Act Of Kindness' aside, it feels like I haven't updated in a month.

*checks blog, yelps in horror*

It has been a month!

Funnily, the last time I posted - crappypostaside - it was my final week in Ideasmith. Am now into 3rd week in my new company, CC+J Adhaus. Things are sometimes good, sometimes bad...mostly getting 'familiarised'. Which is code speak for lazing around, haha.

Pst... *hangs head* I've been posting a bit for the company blog. Which partly explains the absence.


Finished Mitch Albom's 'For One More Day' in one sitting in office that day. Nice, heart-warming tale as expected, but less of a story than 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'. And is it just me, or are his stories all sounding alike?

But anyway, the story deals with dead people being given a second chance in life. So pardon me as I excuse myself to indulge in:



Oh man, these preambles are killing me. I'm supposed to post Chapter 7 of Slumber, but this thing's already so long! And my eyes are starting to hurt from staring at the white screen. It's like how Ultraman beeps after 3 minutes on Earth.

*blushes at unwarranted use of Ultraman analogy*

Aiyah, another post lah.

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