Saturday, May 26, 2007

Random Act Of Kindness

Just got back from a Hari Kantin at Sri Petaling Community Hall. Wasn't too keen at first, but there sure is something about Hari Kantins that brings out the kid in us! Few rounds of throwing rings, and we were slapping high-fives, screaming like samseng sekolah already.

As we were leaving, I chanced upon this stall offering free milk samples. The sort you ignore in supermarkets.

Walked over. Must have been still high from redeeming gifts. Not to mention thirsty.

Chocolate milk. Mmm. Chocolatey.

Fresh milk. Slightly sweeter than what you'ld expect, but still good.

Okay, I'd had two cups. It would be rude to take any more, right?

Then the most incredulous thing happened. The chubby squinty-eyed stall girl looked at me and recited in the most rehearsed way possible - I kid you not - "Sir, veli nice to drink leh. Makes you want to buy also leh."

I almost burst out laughing. She looked so earnestly fake. Fake, but in the truest, sincerest way possible.

"Come lah sir, buy lah. Today special offer, next time sell outside won't be so cheap one."

I giggled. "How much?"


Cheap your head lah.

"Come lah sir...just buy one packet."

Her face wished so badly that I would say yes. Every single part of her knew that I would surely walk away, save for that little glimmer of hope against hope.


"Wah. Really?"


Gleefully she handed me the packet of Dutch Lady 4.5.6 Kiddy Formula. "Really lucky you buy. Whole day no one come buy." She showed me her near-blank clipboard.

"You buying for your younger sister?"

" I'm the youngest."

"Her? Then who you buying for?"

"For fun loh."

She shot me the strangest look.

In a world of random violence, random killings, random hatred, seks rambang, Dota Allrandom and what-not, it's nice to have a Random Act Of Kindness.

*One night later, the writer realises the utter stupidity of his Random Act Of Kindness. And wait till he tells you of the time he gave his number to a beggar. Well, at least it gave him one blog post.

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