Thursday, June 28, 2007

Slumber (Part 8 of 10)

Been in the office 12 hours a day for the past 3 days (not necessarily working). It's nice to spend a slacker-ry afternoon reading on Wikipedia about everything from The Fly to Pacman to Dino Riders.

And yay! CC+J's first-ever above-the-line ad appears in The Star Classifieds today. It's for a moving company Myrelo, and will be running 30 days in 3 versions. I don't care, this time I'm taking full credit for the copy! It's portfolio-worthy work, I know. My my, how selfish. :p

But still, it's nice feeling talented once again. :)

Slumber (Part 8 of 10) - Let's just get this story over and done with! It's tasting like a bloated bowl of Maggi.

The Scatter Witch's eyes grew round. "You're mad."

Bo snorted.

"You'll kill us all." the Witch whispered.

"I won't die," Bo sneered. "I'm no longer some silly dream. I'm becoming real."

"And you," he turned to Lenny. "You pitiful mutt. You were doomed the moment I became King."

Lenny growled fiercely, trying to get up. Bo stepped over and kicked him in the sides, causing him to fall. "You're pathetic."

"How fitting, that the almighty Scatter Witch drains her powers to grant me Black. Which I eventually use to defeat the great Lenny. "

The Witch was absolutely seething. " had a plan..."

"What can I say? Planning is everything."

"Someday," Lenny gritted his teeth. "Someday you'll return to Slumber, and someone else will be King. That'll be the day. I promise you."

"Pitiful talk. Pitiful, pitiful. But of course, I truly admire your heroics for Little Jenny. Look how well everything turned out. She'll be going back!"

In a fit of rage, Lenny tried to break free and tear into Bo. Alas, Black was too strong for any of that.

"Enough! You shall sing." Bo smirked hatefully and pointed at Lenny. Clearly against his will, an uncomfortable tune escaped Lenny's throat.

"Hush little baby, go to sleep
When you sleep all things are sweet
Fancy shoes and ribbons dear
Don't wake up till morning's here"

"The Dream Song," the Witch exclaimed in disbelief. "How could you have known..."

"You see," Bo stated. "More than a dream or fantasy, I was her friend. She trusted me."

It was the song her parents always sang her to sleep with. So enchanting. So haunting.

Jenny's eyelids begged to shut one more time, surrendering to the stillness enveloping her.

What will I wake up as, a part of her wondered.

You'll be safe in your bed, ready for school, Bo snuggled beside.

You'll be in another strange land, running away from snarling witches and dragons.

You'll be like what Bo said - nothing.

"Bo..." she cried.

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