Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chapter 21: "Kill"

Had a rather difficult week in office. I can't thank God enough for Friday, but...sigh, I hate the thought that Monday is just two days away. Will it ever end?!
As is becoming more frequent lately, I took another looong trip down memory lane last night. It lasted till 4am this time. And I don't think I've ever felt older when I woke up the next morning-slash-afternoon.
Nostalgia. What a big word.

Darn. Now Archiver was going to fight me instead.
"It has been nice knowing you, child," he said. "But the day dictates that you exist no more."
He exhaled noisily. "Your move first."
I peered to the sides and back of the hall. The shadows, growing in number each passing minute, hid any escape routes from my sight.
I had to fight him.
"Well then," The staff U gave me appeared in my hands. "Here I come!"
I charged at him. He watched calmly, not flinching a muscle. Just before I reached him with my staff...
Yes! He would've never expected that. I soared higher this time, almost twenty feet. I checked again. Still he stood there.
"YAHHH!" I shot for his head like a rocket.
And he never moved at all.
The staff swung at the back of his head. And went through it.
"Heh." he smirked. "Fool."
Before I had time to react, his fist swiped my cheek. I tumbled to the ground, metallic taste of blood on my lips.
"Another of your tricks, huh?" I spat.
"A trick, you say? How rude of you."
He strode over to me. "And now." His left arm raised and emitted a blue glow. "Your story shall end."
No, Archiver. His voice floated over our heads. I said KILL him.
"K...kill him?"
Yes. Destroy him. Annihilate him. Not "write him out of the story" like some feeble predecessors would do.
"But, my Lord, he remains a part of Blogspot history. The futures need to hear of his story."
What history? The only history that exists, as far as I am concerned, is that of my coming to power. And the only future is that of my staying in power. Now kill him, I said.
Archiver looked at me and trembled. "I...I cannot. It goes against my nature."
Pow! His unseen hand smacked Archiver to the ground. Sigh. Must I do everything myself?
Give me a body, old man.
"Y-Yes, my Lord."
Archiver clasped his hands together and held them out at the voice. The dark shadows swirled from the corners, pressing collectively into a ball. A faint reddish ray started streaking through the center of the ball.
Ah. Sure feels good to be one of you lesser beings again.
Suddenly Archiver cried out and fell. The ball fizzed for a moment before disappearing with a soft pop.
A distinct form shaped next to Archiver. Lifting his sword, he stared at me with mock anxiety. "You're not dead yet, are you?"

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