Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chapter 22: "Archive"

Heh, more topsy-turvy days at work. Found myself with enough time to comb through the entire Starcraft trilogy on Wikipedia, but - due to a still inexplicable last-minute complication - had to stay back till 12.30am last night to rework a campaign.
Anyway, have you guys played the absolutely hilarious
Zidane headbutt game? Go check it out, it's my little contribution to brighten your day! Oh, and this as well...

Ah. The crown prince of the Rebellion. It has been a while.
U spat. "Another of your dirty tricks, Ivan? Tricking Garrick to Climax City where you can finish him off easily on your own terms."
"You speak too much," Archiver picked himself up, bloodshot eyes burning into U. "Let me shut you up for good."
Speak for yourself, old man. I am not done speaking to my former Antagonist yet.
"How pitiful," U declared boldly. "The ruler of Blogspot refuses to fight his Chosen One fairly. The Writer we defeated was wicked to the bone, but at least he had an ounce of pride."
The shadows burned slightly brighter, then dimmed again. Archiver. Ki...I mean, destroy them both. And find me the girl.
"Two at once? How you flatter me, my Lord." he grinned. "It shall be done."
Hm. We shall see.
The stifling darkness lifted itself from the hall, presumably to show He had departed.
"You, and you," Archiver pointed at us one by one, as if counting heads. "Against poor old me. I pray that I shall survive this battle."
"Careful," I whispered to U. "I fought him for a while just now. He had some power that prevented me from attacking him."
"He Archived himself. Shifted his physical self into the past. Then quickly unArchived to attack you. I've heard of it before."
We froze momentarily. "That's it. He's Saving the scene."
"Apparently you know all my tricks." Archiver said. "But still you shall perish!"
U leapt forward and swung his sword at him. Archiver caught it easily in one hand, and raised the other. As he was about to bring it down to U's head, U Cut himself.
Seeing Archiver caught by surprise, I sensed a chance. I went for him, Shifting slightly, and aimed my staff at his head.
At the precise moment he turned to block, U reappeared at his feet. A split second of confusion later, Archiver fell to our attacks.
"Way to go!" U picked up his sword and slapped me on the back.
"Wait. He's going to Load the scene."
Right away, I couldn't move. But half a second later everything went back to normal. Only that this time, nothing changed. We still stood where we were.
"He won't dare. Not after what happened the other time. If he lets us go again, someone won't be too pleased."
"Clever. Very clever." Archiver stroked the blood on his lips. "I do believe I have never been in a battle which I cannot Load."
"It is time for the old dog to show you a new trick." he forced a blue glow from his hands, spreading to the arms.
"He Archived himself again?"
"Not that simple." U swallowed. "He's trying to Archive us as well."

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