Monday, July 17, 2006

Chapter 23: "AutoArchive"

I feel a huge, huge burden lifted off my shoulders. On Friday night, I was dead tired with a half-cooked TU Treasure Hunt to prepare for Saturday, an MPH "Malaysian Anecdotes" freelance from 95 Percent (and trust me, it really is a FREElance), and a design job for my sister's company which had been going on for months, with unfavourable response on their side. To make things worse, I left in the office a magazine I'd bought for scanning images, meaning I couldn't work on my sister's job over the weekend.
But praise the Lord! The treasure hunt came off pretty well, much better than it would've if the rain hadn't made us cancel it in April. See, I told you He knew what He was doing.
The MPH project turned out to be a big worry over nothing after all, as it was a one-off thing that did indeed add a great piece to my portfolio. And leaving the magazine in office made sure I didn't waste time TRYING to do two things at the same time, as I'm always apt to. Gonna be working hard on it tonight, instead!
So once again, praise the Lord!

Archiver crept up to us like a cat ready to pounce, his arms shimmering blue. "You must understand. There is only one permissible outcome."
"Watch out for his hands. Delete is our only way out." U Cut himself again.
"Huh? What? Hey!" I hated it when he spoke in riddles! I didn't even know what this Archive spell would do.
"You cannot fool me twice," Archiver hissed. "The moment you Paste yourself, I shall finish you off."
"As for you, Garrick," he turned his bloodshot eyes at me. "Be removed from Blogspot...FOREVER!"
I watched in amazement as his two hands split themselves into dozens other hands. They encircled my head, reaching for me and backing away repeatedly.
"Be on your toes. One of the hands will reach for you, Delete it as quickly as you can." U's voice whispered to me. He was beside me after all!
"What happens if he Archives me?"
"You get removed to the past, or something like that. It's bad, period."
Suddenly one of the hands came for my left. I caught it quick enough and shot a Delete ray at it. The other hands flew back into Archiver, who was clutching his right hand in pain.
"Not fast enough," U reappeared. "You were too busy expecting me to strike, weren't you?"
"Indeed I was," he winced. "I now know that I need to do the extraordinary, if I shall defeat you."
Archiver clasped his hands so tightly that he made them bleed on purpose. The blood glowed blue and covered his entire body.
"All the unspeakable powers I have ever beheld," he stepped forward, hands still clasped. "Lie in these two hands."
"What's that?" I nudged U.
"Beats me. But if you ask me, I'd guess it's a more dangerous version of Archive."
"Indeed," Archiver rasped. "Today, you shall fall prey to AutoArchive."

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