Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chapter 20: "No"

Hey people...thanks for all the comments of late! No matter how much I tell myself that blogging is for personal fulfillment, getting feedback from readers IS the satisfaction equivalent of a chilly Oreo McFlurry. Mmmmm...
And, no...A Poem For My Blog was never an indication that I would quit blogging (or "slogging", which is what all the cool people say) for the "real world". It was more an I-miss-you thing, plus a guilt trip down memory lane.
Was at 95 Percent last night to watch the next batch of graduates go through their presentations. And...ouch. I mean, like seriously...ouch. Let's just say the judges had their Tongues of Nastiness on steroids. So much so that by the end of the night, the best we could hope for was a comment that didn't make you shift uncomfortably, wondering if it was okay to say that. Not that I blame them actually, some of the work was even skimpier than, than...ah, you pick your analogy.
But that aside, the cool thing was getting to meet Rae again! First time since the March graduation, I think. Heh...there's simply something about that dude that makes me want to be the best advertising person who ever lived. His passion...it's like, contagious! And that's, like...cool!

"Then tell me," I said. "Where are U and Linnie?"
He chuckled softly. They are not around.
We are the only ones here, fool.
I glared fiercely at Archiver. "You gave me your word."
He stared back blankly. "I-I was told that they were here."
Now, now, do not blame him, my dear Garrick. It was all my doing.
Arhiver looked down, somewhat ashamed.
"So what are you going to do with me now, huh?" I balled up my fists, ready to fight.
Heh. You do realise that I could smite you to dust without sweat.
"You never know. You could be underestimating me."
You speak with confidence. And indeed, your confidence is warranted. After all, it truly takes someone special to master the power of Delete, more so in the spontaneous heat of battle. You are no less a prodigy in the one true form of offence than I was.
I am? I thought in amazement.
I watched your battle with Phocadis, you know. And it reminds me of the first time I fought as well. Was it against you, Archiver?
"No, my Lord," Archiver replied grimly. "It was against U."
Hah! Now I remember. You were next after him. And I kicked both your teeth down your throats.
Archiver smiled meekly.
Sigh...Blogspot was so much more exciting then. Nothing ever happens around here these days.
He sighed again, much more delibarately.
Now, Garrick! If you will not join me, then I request one final favour from you. Take me to where - what is her name - Linnie is.
I shook my head. "No."
Come on, now. Do not be such a selfish prod. Just hand her to me, and you are free to oppose me all you want.
"No deal."
Then, His voice flared in rage, you are of no more use to me.
Archiver! Make sure he does not leave this place alive.
"Gladly." Archiver flashed a lopsided grin, and flexed his fingers.

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Azraai said...

anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say" waddup"

hey brotha mok, we are all the best, like you said that day " we were probably the best batch in 95%" and we will live up to it.

Remember what janet said? "Its up to you guys to change the ad world once you are out there"

Im livin it up bro. and at the same time, livin my dreams and goals too.

We are in this together compandre