Monday, June 12, 2006

Chapter 19: "Considered"

Garrick, you and I need to make blogging great once more. Strike down all pretenders and change our world, the way only blogging can. And it starts with the birth of the Masterblog. What do you think?
"What do I think? I think you're delusional."
Ah. Explain.
"No one ever said blogging was supposed to take over the world. It is, above all, a symbol of self-expression. And if you're going to change that by allowing only a selected few write, I'll be the first to stop you."
Self-expression? Bah, that you leave for diaries. Blogs are supposed to benefit the reader more than the writer. Why else would they have readers in the first place?
"If you think people read blogs for 'benefit', then you're wrong again. Blogs are simply the face of the writer, with the volume turned up. If you like what you read, you stay on. And if you don't, you move on. You think too much."
And what do you pitiful bloggers have to show for years of personal gratification? Nothing, nothing, NOTHING! The world is still as rotten as ever since Blogspot was born. And all because no one had the guts to take the power out of the hands of those trash writers and put them in ours. Call me a dreamer, but blogging does not have to be in the pit it is now. I can take us to the highest heights Blogspot - no, the world itself - has ever seen, beyond anything the past Hes could dare imagine!
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Archiver shifting uncomfortably.
"Then you're even more insane than I thought. Good luck, and goodbye." I got up to walk away.
But you see, Garrick, you are destined to play some part in this, an unseen force made me get back on my hurting knees. As the Chosen One, you either join my cause or go against it. I was thinking we make it easier this time and work as a team. No unnecessary bloodshed. You decide.
"Your tricks won't work against me."
Consider it war, then.

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