Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Writer's Block: A Poem For My Blog

Dear friend, hello
How much do I miss you
Catching the falling stars
Watching passing cars

It seems like yesterday
Here we were by the flowers of May
The butterflies danced with the bees
As we lay talking 'neath our lilac tree

Of cendol stories and paper frogs
To secret rooms and evil blogs
The laughing girl and her mirror
Then we interviewed one another

Our friends always dropped by
Remember? The thrilling "hey"s and "hi"s
You had so much to say, we had so much to hear
Simple words that brought a smile, a tear

Borrowing time, chasing stupidity
The perfect couple riding the LRT
Callers seeking MSN advice round the clock
Even when you had writer's block

I never forgot the desperate ghosts
Do you see the girl with her friend so close?
Oh look, the Sunday of fools in love
And the waves crashing to His lap above

It feels like you've always been here
Every thought, every sight, you are near
But things change - yes they do - too quickly
We no longer dance barefoot by the sea

I'm grown up now, I think
A stolen wink is a wink
What else can I tell you?
Nothing is still new

Too many days have passed through our shore
But a thousand years would matter no more
I do miss you terribly, friend
But...is this all a pretend?


Azraai said...

thoughtful poem .

A simple "I like it" doesn't do justice to the depth of this poem.

Keep writing oh prodigious one!

mOkKiEs® said...

sorry, chatterbox problem

to estee: aper...y simply throw CD at me...after rosak u know...kinrara...putrajaya...kota raya...

mOkKiEs® said...

to azraai: *blushes* that's a great compliment, coming from the next advertising great of malaysia.

Keep writing yourself oh passionate one!