Friday, July 22, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 43: The ExorPrism

Taken aback, Darren stared at Kat and Amelia. They shrugged back, equally clueless what was going on.
Mortie held the object even closer to the Spook's face. It bent over to the floor, still screaming in agony and trashing wildly. It tried desperately to snatch away what was in Mortie's hands, but he always kept it out of its reach.
Soon a grotesque thing happened to the Spook. It shrivelled and cracked up like a heated glass, lumps of jelly-like substance peeling off. Screeching like it was terrified for its life, it tried slithering away, leaving behind a trail of colourless goo, but Mortie's object glowed even more intensely.
"Amelia," Kat nudged her. "Do you think that's..."
She nodded slowly. " is. But where could he have gotten one?"
"What?" Darren asked. "What's that? Is he going to kill the Spook?"
Kat's reply was cut off when the Spook let off a beastly roar. In a crazed frenzy it started ripping apart its own face to shield itself from the green rays.
Mortie's lips quivered rapidly, as though muttering something. "Now you DIE!"
The object burned so brightly it became white. Gripping it tightly in his palm, Mortie drove it into the Spook's face. At once the Spook's screams became muted as its whole head disintegrated. Mortie muttered something again before turning to face them, forehead glistening with sweat.
"Cool, huh?" he grinned.
"Mortie," Kat said slowly. "Pray, tell me that isn't..."
"It is. One of the last few ExorPrisms remaining in Ghostopia. Quite an acquistion, this."
"But that's impossible! They were all wiped out!"
Darren raised his hand to halt the conversation. "Before you guys get carried away...what's an ExorPrism?"
"This," Mortie proudly held up the object which resembled a prism. "Is an ExorPrism. You might've heard there was a previous escape attempt years back. Of course, it was a disaster and only a few of them returned - the rest were Exorcised."
"However, the remaining ones, having seen the Exorcism process at close range, were determined to find a way to counter it. They launched a secret project and after two years, a small batch of ExorPrisms were made. The ExorPrisms would have devastating effects on anything that wasn't a Ghost, as you've just seen."
"Unfortunately, word leaked out on the project and someone started misusing it to Exorcise Spooks. The authorities stuck their noses in and the guy was eventually caught. He ratted on where the rest of the ExorPrisms were hidden in exchange for his freedom, and all of them were destroyed, along with the recipes. They never did, however, manage to catch the makers."
"Interesting." was all Darren could muster.
"Then how did you get your hands on one?" Amelia quipped.
"That story, my dear, will have to wait." Mortie winked. "For now, we've got to get the others and leave this place before the potion loses effect."

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