Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 39: Here Come The Spooks

Darren braced himself, following Kat's lead. He wasn't sure what to expect.
Mortie's words came back to him. "Those Spooks will see you as Spooks - and Spooks are always in control. Never betray that fact."
"So what's the problem here?"
Darren gulped. Two intimidating Spooks, both four heads taller than him, stepped up to him. So close he could hear their scratchy breaths.
"There...well, there was..."
"A problem," Kat deepened her voice as much as she could. "With the security wiring."
"Which section?"
"Section Four." she replied without even stopping to think.
"Section Four? Don't they name them by colours?"
"Oh, you guys are still going by the old system, I see. Well, I'm not too familiar with that one. Let me take you there instead."
She started walking off, Darren tailing cluelessly behind. The Spooks went with them, probably already a bit suspicious. He had to resist the urge to glance backwards to see whether they really were. A couple of minutes later, Kat pointed out a circuit board on the wall to them. "Here's the faulty one."
The first Spook took a closer look. Its empty face turned a darker shade of red. "Did I hear you wrongly?"
Was that a brief look of uncertainty on Kat's face? This wouldn't be a good time for their cover to be blown away.
"I said, this is the faulty electrical wiring."
"If there's anything faulty here, it's you." The other Spook snapped. "This isn't part of the central security wiring, it's a peripheral circuit. Is this some kind of joke?"
"No, it is not," Kat retorted. "The Office doesn't use central wirings anymore, they switched to parallels last month. You guys must be new here."
"That's a mightily rude way to be talking to a senior Spook, pal. Whose division are you in?"
Darren knew he had to save Kat. "Forgive her, sir. She's new."
For reasons unknown, Kat glared daggers at him, eyeballs bulging wide.
"HER? Since when did Spooks become female?"
"You two are acting way too weird. I'm going to have to report you to Mr. Lester."
"Wait," Kat said in a thinly-veiled fuming voice. "You two stay here. I'll go to the floor below to check things out."
"Check things out? Isn't this the floor with things to check out?"
Darren was about to say something when his jaw fell open in horror. At precisely the worst moment possible, the two actual Spooks who were guarding the floor appeared from the distance.

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