Friday, March 04, 2005

Writer's Block

Yesterday was, indeed, a proud day in history. While flipping through the newspaper, I chanced upon this tiny ad in the cinema section. "Robots", it read. "Coming soon."
Err...before you start panicking and thinking we're being invaded by tall suave machines more attractive than us, that's just the title of some new animation-ish movie from the creators of Ice Age. This is truly a must-see movie with an excellent plot and charming characters you'll simply fall in love with. Okay, that's all the blog-commercialisation for today, hopefully that'll give the movie an extra 3 viewers.
Getting back on track, "Robots" got me thinking about my third story. Let's see..."Robots"..."Monsters Inc"..."A Bug's Life"..."Toy Story"..."Finding Nemo"...get the connection? All heart-warming stories, exactly the sort I'd planned on writing next. But most importantly, they're all set in a make-believe world with a certain theme. A world of robots, monsters, bugs etc. Heh heh heh heh. (If you don't know what I'm "heh"ing about, here's to a vague, vague life ahead)
A week ago, I somehow got this idea of (breathes in) escaped-hardened-criminal-finds-refuge-in-innocent-child's-shed-without-knowledge-of-child's-parents-and-has-hidden-agenda-to-murder-them-or-something-but-eventually-is-touched-by-child's-innocence-and-turns-over-a-new-leaf-just-before-he-gets-shot-by-Mister-Policeman-Assigned-To-The Case.
Reeks of Hallmark, doesn't it? Like so many stories before, I filed it under "This is SO my next story", but a few days of clearing my mind have opened me up to so many other options. Ah, the sweet joys of the thought process. It comes sometimes, with nothing more than a blink, and if you don't grasp it then, it's gone with the next.
Right now I'm sort of pleased with this "Theme World" idea, I really think it'll be the one I eventually settle for. Already, bits and pieces are swirling in my mind; I'll likely need to jot them down for later use. (What do you mean what sort of "Theme World" I have in mind? Get in line and wait for me to tell you like the rest of the world, honey) ;^)
But yeah...I'm all for adding in elements of romance in it as well, maybe even making it the main theme! Woohoo! Time to brush up on those Sweet Valley books. DON'T ASK.
Pardon me if I'm mentioning this again, but I do see Story Number Three as the make-or-break tale for this blog. Blogspot was pretty run-of-the-mill which served its purpose of treading water well...The Secret Room, on the other hand, is essentially a re-write with new twists added onto the main sundae. Therefore, if I must say so, I've run out of tricks for the next one. It'll take building from scratch, proper planning, and sheer storywriting ability. I'm caught completely naked here, folks.
And before anyone gets any improper thoughts, let us all shift our attention to a game with the single most brilliant concept E-VA. It's so hillariously spot-on and down-to-earth, any dumbell can relate to it. Especially the dumbells. ;^)

Try this on for size too, big boy. My high score's 12,998

Sigh. And I had so much going for me.

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