Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Secret Room, 23rd Chapter

Like a stand-up comedian about to perform for the first time, Will could feel his palms grow sweaty and breath hastening. A plan! He had to think of a plan!
The first thing that came to his mind was to wait for her to finish unlocking the door, then knock her unconscious. That seemed kind of daring, though.
He had to be very careful not to let her see him. His eyes darted around, searching for some sort of weapon. They chanced upon an old broom lying nearby. It sure seemed hard enough to knock someone out.
Stealthily he picked it up, stopped breathing, and tiptoed towards Mrs. Banks from behind.
Uh-oh. A gulp of saliva went down the wrong pipe. Try as he could, Will had no choice but to...
"ACKH!" he coughed and wheezed at the same time, making her spin around.
"WHY, YOU-" Mrs. Banks roared, arms reaching for his throat.
"DIEEE!" In a moment of madness, Will smashed the broomstick onto her head with everything he had, breaking the stick into two. Mrs. Banks' eyes rolled upwards and she collapsed on the floor, knees straight.
Oh my, oh my! What had he done now? He was going to be in awfully deep trouble when Mrs. Banks woke up. Looking at her limp body lying out cold on the floor with splinters everywhere, Will felt like he'd crossed some invisible point of no return.
However, every single bit of those bad feelings cleared when he saw the door to the Secret Room unlocked. Unlocked. UNLOCKED! U-N-L-O-C-K-E-D!
He was so excited he could almost feel himself salivating. Come to think of it, cut that "almost" out. All the waiting, all the guessing, all those warnings from Mrs. Banks, Stella, and even that new nice lady Phyllis were now things of the past. This was what it had come down to - only one unlocked door sperated him from the Secret Room!
Enough with the time wasting already. Will pushed open the heavy metal door to reveal...another door inside.
However, it was the sort that was secured just by a latch only openable from the outside. At this point, sounds which resembled grunts could be heard rather clearly. Weird.
He took one last deep breath and reached for the latch. Click, click! There. It was undone.
Now, what would be inside? Would Jimmy and Stella be there? Whatever it was, Will had a feeling he wouldn't be disappointed.
Creeeeak! His trembling hands forced upon the rusting door.
"No...this can't be true..."
Will gasped in horror as he finally realised the horrible secret behind the Secret Room.

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