Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lyrical Musings, Part 2

I wrote this and posted it online under a sexy new American pseudonym.
Wow. I'm really enjoying rhyming a lot these days. My hit-and-miss collection of mokkus (very, very loosely based on haikus) posted on Facebook over the past two days.

Mary Rose
Sat on a rose.
Mary rose.

(Okay okay, I'll come clean here. I actually stole this from one of those Bookworm joke books I read when I was younger. However, their version goes 'Mary Rose, sat on a PIN'. Which I think is not as funny as mine. I assure you however that the rest are mine.)

(A further check on Google reveals that it's actually quite a common prose.)

Kim Jong-Il
Ate bad eel.
Kim Jong ill.

Ha Ji Won
Bet ten won.
Ha Ji won.

Alice Tan
Sunbathed till ten.
Alice tan.

Ong Kar Ting
Forgot something.
Ong Kar think.

Chua Soi Lek
Unifi he lacked.
Chua Soi lag.

Ryu, Ken.
Who uses Hadouken?
Ryu can.

Brad Pitt
Went to a pit.
Brad peed.

Abu Bakar
Trapped in burning car.
Abu bakar.

John Woo
Typed "wuwuwuu~"
John woo.

Later amended to:
John Woo,
Knitted sweater of wool.
John woo.

Sekian, terima kasih.

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