Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ad Of Awesomeness

The other day, I chanced upon this must-share ad on Malaysia's No. 1 station, TV1.

(Some details may have been slightly modified or exaggerated, because I have better things to do than fully remember a TV1 ad. And it wasn't available on Tiub Engkau.)

It starts with a group of multi-racial colleagues entering a mamak shop and sitting down at a table. Let's hear it for 1Malaysia!

Fat moustached mamak bos comes along to take their order.

"Wokay, mahu minum apa?" he asks while shaking his head, like all Indians on non-violent TV programmes are compelled to.

"Teh tarik satu." grins the dashing young Malay executive.

"Teh tarik satu, wokay. You miss?"

"Mm...Milo ais kurang manis satu."
the lass smiles sweetly.

At this point, I quickly dismiss the ad to be some Utamakan Kesihatan tripe about reducing sugar intake, eating fruits and running around parks with an attractive member of the opposite sex 60 times a week.

"Bagi saya teh ais limau satu." says the next girl.

"Teh ais limau satu, wokay." Mamak bos turns to a final Indian dude who is frowning for some reason. "Awak, bos?"

After some dramatic glances at the television, the dude proclaims:

"Berikan saya...TV SATU."

I swear, I almost fell off the chair laughing.

In one stylo-milo sweep, the mamak bos points a remote at the TV and it switches on to reveal the TV1 logo, followed by a football match where of course someone scores a...


All the colleagues and the mamak bos randomly start jumping up and celebrating with each other. Over the goal, I think. Or the fact that this mamak had TV1. Or because they were united in multi-racial harmony. Or because they appeared in an ad. I think it was probably the goal.

Ending super/jingle:


Gotta hand it to these fellers lah. Just when you think you've seen all the kerajaan ads.

Someone give this ad an award please!

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