Friday, November 09, 2007

Vacation Time!

Am going away to Langkawi for 4 days, starting tomorrow.

Not that my dear readers may notice anyway, with the embarassing lack of recent updates.

Guilty, guilty, guilty I plead! Work's been a killer lately. I won't say it's overly draining or anything, just that it takes up too much space in my head. I actually have tons of half-written drafts floating around, of which a small percentage gets filtered through to proper drafts. And from that tiny group, we have another select few which get put to paper. Or keyboard. You get the idea.

Say for instance, my Special October Feature. I already had parts of a slam-bam story "Three Days To Live" drafted, but it's been lying there so long it's grown moldy.

I miss writing stories. I really do! Reading the Twisted Tales hardcover book took me back to a happier place, a much more wonderful time when everything was a story or poem waiting to be told.

All ritey then! 4 days of no creative copy. No A&P proposals. No ads. No WIP meetings. No church. No housestuff. Let's hope the floating words find a cosy spot to settle down and form stories.

Fun stuff I need to think about at Langkawi:

1) What to do for the upcoming TU Pyjamas Nite.
2) A GREAT performance for VBS Graduation Day, by the Intermediate Class. Was officially asked today, not that I needed to be. =p
3) And of course, the overdue Special October Feature!

That's it, kiddos. Stay safe!

Just for kicks, here's 'Ultraman Vs Pikachu', a short nonsensical (you've been warned) film some friends and I made a couple of years back:

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