Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FINALLY! Writer's Block

Off the record, I would hereby like to publicly state that...


I have, in fact, been alive and creaking - as scheduled - four days after my Langkawi escapade.

It has been so, so long since I've written, however.

Written anything that isn't a branding proposal, project timeline, website copy, ad copy or VBS drama. No prizes for guessing my favourite pet project of the past month.

Oh yes...VBS drama was fantastic, utterly fantastic. Believe me, I've never felt so proud of anyone in my life before. Even more so than last year, this year's was a truly by-God's-grace affair. Under-staffed, under-talented, over-rated, over-scripted, expectations galore. You name it, the brilliant Inter class conquered it! Even my own working schedule, where I was allowed only 3 half-days. Meaning I would be there from 9am-9.30am for praise and worship, drive to office from 9.30am-10am, work from 10am-1pm, drive back to church from 1pm-1.30pm, rehearse with the monke..oops, children from 1.30pm-3.30pm, cendol-ise from 3.30pm-4.30pm, drive back to office from 4.30pm-7 something. WAH. LAU. WEH!

Though all seemed doom and gloom for the 3 days of rehearsals, with our main man Clement still doubtful about his lines, everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - was pumped up on steroids on the real day. Those who couldn't sing sang, those who couldn't dance danced, those who couldn't act...well, they looked cute trying. Even two girls playing medics, who stood out to Ju Liang and myself as being terribly uninspired, played their roles with more gusto than I could've mustered myself. Pity they forgot their first aid kits.

Here's to you, Inter Class VBS 2007!

And oh yeah...the Special October Feature.

You know what? Coming soon. =p

When I find the time, AND the resolve.

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