Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Before we proceed, let me first give a big MUAKS and TERIMA KAH-SAY! to all who made my 22nd birthday such a memory. Especially dear Wen Cheng, who was nice enough to make me a printed hardcover version of Twisted Tales Volume 1, to make me feel like an accomplished author. Haha. It's great to syok sendiri!

Now available in hard cover! *smiles in glee*

And check out this back-page excerpt Zhi Yong was so kind to provide:

"C.H. Mok, Daniel is the author of the international best sellers as well as numerous other equally interesting but unequally selling short stories, poems and personal accounts of his life stories that both inspire, amuse and entertain to various degrees.

They are available on the world wide web from his personal web log that draws international criticism and acclaim in equal parts. Although irregularly updated, his readers await with bated breath the next chapter of his 'short' stories, listen adoringly to his poems and eagerly consume accounts of his inspiring life that revolves around... cendol, church and baja hitam.

Ok la... actually that guy ah... very nice wan... although he looks like a clown but inside... is also a clown... deeper inside... his life ambition is to be a clown... if u dig deep enough and reach that small little engine that runs the whole body you find out that it's quite warm inside actually. Yeah, nice and warm. And that's what counts."

Anyone sticking around for Volume 2? =p

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