Sunday, December 11, 2005

reCAPPENING: The New Girl, Chapters 11-15

The next day in school, May receives a note from Saras warning her of Jean, and how she will end up like the "girl before her". Against Jean's wishes, May speaks to Saras during recess. Saras tells May that she and her friends were never really witches; they only pretended to be witches to frighten Jean. Unfortunately, Jean took it too seriously and became involved in black magic herself to protect herself from them.
That afternoon in the secret garden, May tries asking about Jean about this but Jean becomes furious when she finds out that May has been talking to Saras behind her back. She runs off in a fit of anger, making May unable to find her after almost an hour's search.
The next morning, something very strange happens - May wakes up to find that she has grown older by fifteen years. In a state of shock, she calls for her mother, leading us into Chapter 16.

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