Monday, December 26, 2005

A Not-So-Regular Edition Of Writer's Block, I Hope

O Come all ye faithful to Twisted Tales! It's the warm fuzzy time of the year again, if the marketing people would have you believe, and I hope you've all had a Christmas as good as I had. What makes a Christmas special? For me it's not so much on how well the year went, but how great you think the next year's gonna be. Kinda like how you don't feel relaxed at the start of a long day, but at the end. Of course, that's speaking in very humanistic and selfish terms which misses the meaning of Christmas altogether.

ANYWAY. Like always, you didn't come here for smart-alecky philosophical stuff which you can read elsewhere. We gather here today because...sigh, people never learn. Once again, I've been made to submit to a sissilicious...oh, how I dread the word...TAG!

Hehe, you're lucky Charmaine that I'm a sucker for praise - thank you for all that you've lavished upon me this entire year, undeserved though it might be. One of your 5 joys in life, fancy that. Since we're on the topic, big thank yous too for people like Beatrice, Jill, Zhi Yong, Estee, Chern Lye, Cherie, and the other ton of anonymous readers who think I don't know exist. Thank you sooo much guys, you're all that seperate me from being a self-delusional hack typing away in vain hope of someone noticing.

Alllll...ritey then! Heads up, as we get set for the Return Of The Tag:

10 years ago I was: 10 years old and very much the unknowing freak of the class.

5 years ago I was: I was 15, in Form Three, and going through very much of a transitional stage between kiddyhood and youthhood. Still not sure if I've completed the transition. =p

1 year ago I was: Beginning my final year of college and about to meet a man whom I would very much aspire to be.

5 snacks I enjoy: Kit Kat! Pringles Sour Cream and Onion! Koko Krunch! Chipsmore! Pringles Sour Cream and Onion! Heh, can't blame me for having good taste.

5 songs I know including the lyrics: Uhh...there's this Chinese Christian song "You Yi Jian Li Wu" which we sang for laughs so many times during carolling that I think I've miraculously gotten it. The Powerpuff Girls theme song, the Thundercats theme song, the Pinky And The Brain theme song, the Angela Anaconda theme song, and lots more cartoons than you probably care to hear about.

5 things I would do with a million dollars: Put Twisted Tales up on the stock market. Set up some sort of charity for obnoxious wannabe writers wasting bandwidth with their online stories. Erm...erm...I dunno...hey, don't you get enough overimaginative stories here alerady?!

5 places I would run away to: Hmm...I'm trying hard to think of some faraway glamourous/ mystical country but guess I'm really boring. I'd rather leech myself to my home and at most, the homes of my good friends. Of course, names shall not be revealed for the fear of them being mobbed by autograph-wielding fans.

5 things I would never wear: Pink clothes, sleeveless shirts, hair dye, matching "couple" outfits, basically anything that threatens my apek gimmick lah.

5 favourite TV shows: Used to love Futurama. Powerpuff Girls has to be in the list too. Pinky And The Brain? Sure, on the back of being IMO the cartoon with the best premise still. And I was just watching an old episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway today, which reminded me plenty. Last but not least, in fact the most, is a, WWE programming. Yeah. No Desperate Housewives, Alias, CSI, Lost, anything normal? Yeah, I'm w-e-i-r-d. Speaking of which, shouldn't "weird" be spelt "w-i-e-r-d" if it's prnounced that way?

5 bad habits: Oh we have to go through this again? Time management, time management, time management. Can be pretty careless with what I say at times. Lacking initiative. Always cheating when I answer tag questions.

5 biggest joys: Friends lah. You lah. Ya lah, you, the one sitting at the computer reading. Thank you for reading my blog loh. Hope I'm gonna find my career a joy too...and wouldn't it be terrible if I didn't include my family? Unite, all ye better-looking-and more intelligent-than-average Moks! (inside joke with my sister). Then of course living in the light of Christ leh. Veli the joyful that one, I tell you.

5 favourite toys: How about I make it "5 favourite games" instead? Year 2003 produced THREE fantasticulous games which still gives me and a certain friend hours of conversation. The first one's a party game called Mafia, where you have murderers, a doctor, and a spy, and the objective is to catch all the murderers. You've probably played some version of it before. Mid 2003 all the way to early 2004 saw some of the most thrilling rounds ever at almost every gathering og high school friends. We even played it at eateries, for crying out loud. Next would be an online game called Utopia, which I've explained about previously. Finally we have Dota (Defense Of The Ancients), a Warcraft map which you MUST have heard of. It is with great pride that I claim to be the one who introduced it to my high school friends, who've since taken it far, far away.
And for the heck of it, Yahoo Graffiti and...oh, I dunno..."chai mui"? You know, that game where you guess with your hands whether the opponent will do a "zero", "five", or "ten"? Had great fun with that in high school...

5 fictional characters I would date: May. Jean. Saras. Kat. Belinda Froster. HAH! You know me better than to pass up a chance like this to subconsciously remind you of my much-loved stories, don't you?

5 people I want to tag to do this: Go knock yourselves out, Devoted Readers Number 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12.

And a winner is you, because this tag is now officially OVER! Like Charmaine says, "Smiles widely". =)))

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