Thursday, December 15, 2005

The New Girl, Chapter 16

Man, this can't be good...yet another long story update-less streak, this one lasting six days. And I'm still supposed to start on Ghostopia before the year is out, haha...looks like that's gonna have to wait till January. What?! I did say I couldn't be trusted, didn't I?
Anyway, today's chapter is another ground-breaking one because...we have our first male characters of the story! I said MALE CHARACTERS~! TESTOSTERONE, BABY! Yippee.

"I've run her through all the tests," the balding doctor said grimly. "All her physical traits are similar to that of a 30-year old."
"Ridiculous!" May's father was livid. "Tell us, doctor - what's this?"
He shook his head. "It's incredible. I've never seen anything like this before in my life."
"My daughter was sixteen yesterday, and today you're telling me she's thirty. Don't give me that."
"Um, maybe I can refer her to another hospital in the city."
"It's okay. We'll do that ourselves." said her father in a disgusted tone as they left, though May was very sure the poor doctor had done nothing to deserve his wrath.

"Nothing? Nothing at all? Are you sure?"
"Yes mom, I'm positive I didn't take any funny food yesterday. In fact I didn't take any outside food."
"How about the last week?"
"Oh please, have you ever seen anyone grow fifteen years older just because they ate something wrong?" May snapped irritatedly. She glanced at her absurd womanly face in the rear mirror and quickly looked away, feeling exasperated and worried at the same time. Who or what could have done this? If they didn't find a way to turn her back the way she was, she would probably have to start looking for a job tomorrow. Or worse still, a husband.
"Don't you worry dear, everything will be just fine," said her mother. "It's just some infection, that's all. They'll know what to do."
"I can't for the life of me understand this," her father flashed his lights at the car in front impatiently. "I saw her with my very own eyes just last night. And now she's become older. It's like magic."
It's like magic.
Suddenly a thought crossed May's mind. Black magic. Could what was happening be caused by Saras' black magic, just like Jean had warned her? Or maybe Jean's black magic like Saras had warned her. For the first time she could fit the pieces together to grasp an inkling of the situation. The way she'd outgrown her skirt the past few days, it was already one of the early signs that Saras noticed. And didn't Jean mention that the other girl, Misha, eventually suffered from some strange disease? This one was as strange as they came.
It was highly improbable, but she was now living proof that this hocus-pocus wasn't the far-fetched nonsense she'd made it out to be. There was no way any hospital or doctor or medicine would be able to change her back. Only Saras and Jean had the answers.
"Mom, Dad, I need to go to shcool. Someone might be able to help me."
"Don't be silly dear, we're reaching the hospital in ten minutes. You can ask your friends to visit you later if you want to."

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