Saturday, June 08, 2013

Writing Backwards

Yes, I did not update this blog for five and a half months. And counting.

No, I did not get married. No, I did not become a millionaire. And no, I was not eaten by cannibals or crocodiles during the Mission Trip.

I will also not claim to have been too busy, as bloggers are wont to do.

Fact is, Twisted Tales never left my mind. Like a lover pining after her departed soulmate, wondering whether he gazes at the same moon she does, for five and a half months I never stopped visiting and stealing glances.

But I would not write.

Why? I don't know. It wasn't a deliberate decision. It just happened.

It would be romantic to think that I intentionally took a writing hiatus to reflect and sharpen. Like how a kung fu master retreats to meditate in the wilderness before emerging a changed warrior.

I'm not sure if that's what I did. Hopefully I will emerge as a better writer, but there certainly was no plan for that.

Anyway, let's make it simple. Here at Twisted Tales, I hold on to a proud tradition of posting at least once a month. That's since October 2004, when this place opened shop. The only exception was June 2011, which was subsequently fashioned into a brilliant breaking-the-fourth-wall story.

So to keep the tradition alive, I'm going to write backwards! Yep, I'll be posting stuff for January, February, March, April and May which I insist is IN MY HEAD BUT NOT WRITTEN DOWN YET. So it's almost like I did not stop blogging for five and a half months!

Dumb? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Cheating? Yes.
But it's my blog, and I'll do whatever I want with it! I bet nobody will even notice 10 years from now. They'll be browsing through month after month and be amazed by this amazing young man who tirelessly posted every single month. Every single month!

So scroll down, and party like it's early 2013 again!

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Hilary Yivεи said...

Unless you beat me, which I will make myself to be persistent in blogging(if I can)! ;) woot woot looking forward mookies.