Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Was reading this delicious lil' book last week - Rojak by Amir Muhammad. If he sounds familiar, he's the guy who directed Lelaki Komunis Terakhir, a local film that was banned here and created some controversy.

I came across this book by accident actually, hearing it during an afternoon interview on BFM. Always having a soft spot for short stories, I thought it sounded interesting. Summor Malaysian write one hor!

So I ended up at MPH, and there it was. Now, the struggle with short story books is always between kiamsiap-ly reading them in the bookstore and actually buying them because you enjoyed them. Bless my indecisiveness, I actually walked to the cashier and back with the book twice before parting with RM35.

So one week later, any regrets? None at all! It's the sort of book you can't stop reading. Some stories literally made me laugh out loud, while most were really creative in a made-in-Malaysia context.

For example: You know those sign language broadcasts that appear during the RTM news? There's a story about a girl who used it to start a 'rebellion' against the government. Loved the ending line: "It took 14 years, but I'm glad I lived to see it. Change comes slowly... and it often starts in silence." Some very recent happenings are touched on as well, such as the January church arson. Best of all, the stories are only about 350 words long. That's less than 2 pages.

Intrigued? Go get it lah. Or better yet, borrow it from me. =p


cheechiaw said...

OK, i am more kiamsiap than you, pinjam please!
I promise when you publish your own book i will go buy...

Amir Muhammad said...


mOkKiEs® said...

*jaw drops*

what th-the... amir?! what're you doing here?! autograph!!

hey cheechiaw...i think better u go buy. later amir scold me...

Amir Muhammad said...

Come to the launch of my next book, next Friday in KL:

I will autograph anything ;-)

Chuah Siew Lin™ said... like a nice book..haha...will go check it out :D
omg!! amir!! O: