Monday, August 06, 2007

Slumber (Part 9 of 10) all accounts, this story should've been dead by now. I just haven't been able to 'get' into it. As poetically lame as that sounds, it's the intangible bit which separates stories from ramblings. For a story which held such great promise, I strangely haven't been able to muster any inspiration to make it different from past writings. And if I can't even excite myself, nobody's gonna be fooled.

Now now, a final 2 chapters to make good. Here's at ya:

Slumber (Part 9 of 10)


Eyes opening.

Still black.

Lips parting, trying to make a sound.



Where was this?

"Bo!" Louder.

My eyes started registering a room. A ceiling. Walls. A window. Drawers.

I felt beside me. A bed. I was lying on a bed.

"Bo! For the last time, YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!"

A frizzy-haired woman slammed open the door, and literally dragged me out of bed in the most inconsiderate manner.

"Get dressed. Downstairs. Breakfast. FIVE MINUTES." Her arms waved comically at every pause.


Groggily I made my way downstairs. There was still this dreamy, dazed glaze on everything. As though a lot had just happened, but there was frustratingly no way to tell what.

"For heaven's sake, hurry up," Mom barked from the breakfast table. "The twins are in the car already.

Two slices of yellow bread packed neatly in a lunchbox. Breakfast, apparently.

"I'll be in the car." she threw some scraps to Blackie.




"When are we visiting Dad again?"

She continued driving intently. Out of the corner of his eye, I saw her mouthing Stupid Lenny.

Sigh. I hated it when she was in this mood.

Trying to break the icy silence, I turned the radio on. News. Before I could change stations, she stopped me.

"In today's local news," read a surly voice.

"Investigations are still being carried out on the mysterious disappearance of eight-year-old Jenny Williams. Williams was found missing from her residence this morning, with no signs of forced entry. Also missing is a yellow soft toy which belonged to her. Williams was last seen by her mother in her bedroom yesterday night."

Little Jenny! My mind whirled in shock.

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